About Us

God’s Missionary Church Inc. was organized in 1935 as a result of two godly evangelists, Rev. William Straub and Rev. Daniel Dubendorf, who held gospel tent meetings throughout central Pennsylvania.

The historic Wesleyan Methodist message of complete deliverance from all sin is what started the fires of revival in our early years and it is the vital message for our world today. Revival, evangelism, missions, and outreach are all very important to us now as they have been from our beginning.

Our conference headquarters is located in Penns Creek, Pennsylvania. There are nearly fifty churches in the US as well as missions stations around the world.


We believe that the knowledge that Jesus Christ forgives and saves us from all committed sins and cleanses the nature of sin in sanctifying fullness is the greatest message in the world. It is the message of the Bible, God’s Holy Word. We welcome you to attend a God’s Missionary Church in your area, our summer camp meetings, and visit our Bible school.