15-20 Camp Hill, Rev Mtg with John Zechman 

15-20 Duncannon, Rev Mtg with Nathan Purdy
18-20 Lewistown, Rev Mtg with Rick and Anita Maloyed
25-27 Rebersburg, Rev Mtg with Dr Tim Cooley, music by Mary Rine
22-27  New Columbia, Rev Mtg with Carl Eisenhart
22-27 Mountain Road, Rev Mtg with Keith Ledford, music by Cooley Family 
22-27 Rome, Rev Mtg with David Spivey
24-27 Lancaster, Rev Mtg with Michael Mason
29-Nov 3 Beavertown, Rev Mtg with David Spivey and singing with Benji McDowell Family 
31-Nov 3 Lakeland, Rev Mtg with Dan Stetler 


10 Beavertown, PV Choir 6:30 PM
12-17 Lehighton, Rev Mtg with Brian Black


15-17 Beavertown, Christmas Program
19-21 Beavertown Live Nativity, 6-9 PM
22 Beavertown, Christmas Candlelight Service
22 Danville, Candlelight Service


16-26 FL Sun City Camp with Jeremy Fuller and family, and
Barry and Monica Whitaker
17-19 Duncannon, Youth Discovery with Harry Plank
29-Feb 2 Beavertown, Youth Convention with Eric Kuhns