God’s Missionary Kid’s Camp (GMKC) is the best week of summer for children ages 7-11. Children will enjoy wholesome team activities, sports, competitions, a camp store, fresh made cotton candy, barrel train rides, golf cart rides, water battles, scavenger hunts, campfire songs, and most importantly: exciting Christ-centered children’s services, Biblical teaching, and Bible memory.


2023 Record Attendance!


2023 Camp President Report


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Kid’s Camp located?

On the idyllic Fellowship Campground located at 1285 Hoff Road, Hanover, PA 17331.

Q. How can I contact my child while at camp?
There are several ways! You can contact the Camp Director Directly at 570-541-9538. We also encourage you to send a cell phone with your child, however all phones will be checked in with your child’s Cabin Mom. Children will be able to use the phones to make calls to home at specific times of the day. Your child’s Cabin Mom will also call you to give you their phone number for contact purposes during camp. 

Q. Where will my child stay?
We have a variety of rustic cabins to provide an authentic camping experience. The campus is divided into the “Boys Side” and “Girls Side” with each side having a row of cabins and cottages. Your child will have a Cabin Mom who is in charge of their particular cabin and will ensure that the child has prepared for bed, brushed his/her teeth, said bedtime prayers etc.

Q. Do you have security policies and personnel?
Yes! We have qualified security patrolling the camp especially during the night hours to ensure the safety of everyone.

Q. Who is in charge of my child while at camp?
The camp staff is structured as follows:

  1. Executive Staff — Camp President, Youth Crusaders President, and the Camp Board are responsible for planning/running the camp and manage all other staff.
  2. Adult Staff — Camp Nurse, Cook, Children’s Evangelist, Cabin Mom’s, Security Personnel, Activities Directors, etc.
  3. Junior Staff — Qualified and carefully screened young people who serve as Coaches and activities helpers. Junior Staffers are always under the careful observation of executive and adult staff.

Q. Are your staff fully background checked?
Yes! All adult staff members are properly screened and background checked to comply with the fullest extent of the law. Junior Staffers under the age of 18 are carefully screened.

Q. Is transportation available?
Yes! Bus transportation is available from Penns Creek, PA.  Please check the Transportation box at registration. You will be contacted about departure/arrival times. ($5 per child suggested donation for transportation costs.)

Q. Why are release forms necessary?
We require release forms for permission to transport your child, house your child, and photograph your child for social media and publication purposes. While we make every possible effort to ensure the complete safety and security of every child, we cannot guarantee against every accident or incident and liability release forms are also necessary.

Q. Should I send money with my child?
Yes, some spending money would be beneficial as we have a camp store and snack area that is open. Your child will also be able to earn good-deed tickets to purchase items from the camp store and snack area. (Tickets are earned by scripture memory, answering questions in church services, cleaning up trash, winning competitions, etc.)

Q. My child takes medication. How is this administered at camp?
Upon registration please print out and sign the Medical Release Form which also has instructions on the proper way to send medicine to camp. These details must be followed exactly so that we can properly and legally administer your child’s medication.