Danville God's Missionary Church

The Danville church, founded in 2008, is enjoying its third phase under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Nathan Yohe. The church is community-focused and God is helping them to grow.

Star Lake God's Missionary Church

The Star Lake, NY church is our newest Home Mission work. 

Rome God's Missionary Church

The Rome church was founded in 2017. The church was planted in cooperation with the New York Pilgrim Holiness Church. The congregants and their leaders have a bold vision for future church plants.

Lancaster God’s Missionary Church

The Lancaster church is a replanting of the Salunga church. Learn more.

Evangelism Mission

Rodney Keister officially operates his Evangelism Mission under the God’s Missionary Church Home Missions Department. He travels the country sharing the gospel in various venues such as street corners, college campuses, and Native American reservations.


Jeremy Fuller


Jeff Stratton


Keith Bunch


Timothy Cooley


John Fisher


Aaron Dorman


Solomon Shaffer


Support the Work of Home Missions

We rely on the generous support of God’s people to advance the work of Home Missions. Checks payable to “GMC Home Missions” may be sent to:
Rev. Keith Bunch
1320 N. Front St.
Sunbury, PA 17801