Aug. 24: Attended a World Mission board meeting to discuss our work in Haiti. We were honored to have our Haitian Bible School President, Rev. Anthony Bathard, and Sis. Emma who has taught at our Bible School for many years. Bro. Mobley also was with us and offered valuable insight into God’s work there.

Aug. 24-25: We entertained in our home two conference leaders to talk about how to partner to build God’s kingdom. Bro. Jeremy Fuller joined us on Friday morning. God helped and gave us some good insights on how to work together.

Aug. 26: Administrative work (sermons, preparation for trip to Florida)

Aug. 27: Filled in at New Columbia. I love the church’s web page which gives a summary of their mission statement: Discover God, Develop in God, and Deploy for God.

Aug. 28: Administrative work (sermon preparation, letter for world missions, etc.)

Aug. 29-31: Traveled to Tennessee to visit family

Sep. 1: Traveled all day and arrived at our Florida District Campground. Bro Paulus gave a great update on the new work and people who have helped from HIM and the Spanish church from Ft Myers. They cleaned out the caretaker’s home that will be theirs and mowed all of the campground. A BIG THANK YOU is in order!  We were also blessed to have Bro. Paulus, Bro. Smalley, Gordon Smith and son, Steve Miller, and Paul Hoffman from nearby churches come to put in new doors and plywood in the trailer. 

Sep. 2: Spent all day mowing, trimming and raking grass to prepare for the Special Spanish service on Sunday.

Sep. 3: We appreciated a fine meal with the Smalley’s and enjoyed company with Sis Ruth and Doug Ambroziak. There were 210 people that attended the Sun City Church to sing, pray and commission Rev and Mrs Maurilio Ambrocio.

​Sep. 4-6: Worked around 11-12 hours each day at the Sun City campground. Mowed grass, trimmed, and worked on projects to improve the grounds. We also did administrative work on several evenings. Wednesday night we made the decision to cancel our Florida District rally and conference because of Hurricane Irma. We then made the decision to leave Florida in the morning at 5:30 AM.
Sep. 7-8: Traveled from Sun City, FL to Middleburg, PA. I have never been in traffic jams for so long or saw so many gas stations without fuel. We were blessed to arrive home safely around 3:30 PM on Friday. Someone called about a nice queen size bed set for Penns Creek camp, so I picked it up and took it to Penns Creek to finish the day.
Sep. 10: Heard Rev. Frank Heidler share an excellent Sunday School Lesson on Genesis 3 at Beavertown church. In the evening, the PVBI Praise Singers ministered to us. God used the music to strengthen me. To God be the Glory for all His good gifts!