Rev. Harry Plank served as Conference President of God’s Missionary Church for 19 years. Today, we wish him a very happy birthday and God’s richest blessings on his home and ministry! Bro. Plank is currently serving in evangelism.
“I remember when Bro. Plank came and spoke in chapel when I was attending Penn View. He said that he was terrified to go into ministry, but he went anyway putting his faith and trust in God—God never failed! That was and continues to be a great encouragement to me.” –PAUL RYAN

I’m thankful for the wealth that my Mom and Dad have given me. They are riches that will never be taken away. Treasures that money cannot buy. JAMES PLANK
“Thank you for your sacrifice. We know that not every day was easy. In fact, most days were probably not easy. Problems probably came up every day, sometimes even at night. You sacrificed finances, sleep and countless other ways. Thank you for your sacrifice.” –ROBERT BOOTH

“Thank you for being consistent —both from beginning to end of your time in leadership, and in every place, large or small, that you had the responsibility of ministering.” THE MOSLEYS

“You have ministered, evangelized, baptized, dedicated, ordained, visited, counseled, encouraged and lifted us. You have been there when folks were hatched, matched and dispatched. Thank you for a job well done!” –NATHAN SHAFFER

“The Planks have been precious people in our lives! They have been our leaders and examples for 19 years. They have also been special friends to us. We have many memories of working together in campmeetings, board meetings and serving God together!” –THE DONAHEYS

“I have appreciated Bro. Plank’s gracious leadership, persistent faithfulness, and unique sense of humor. It has been my honor and privilege to work with Bro. Plank and be a part of the God’s Missionary Church during his time as our conference president. We love him and his family and wish them God’s best and blessing for the future!” –STEVE DAVIS

“Words fail to give adequate expression of appreciation for Rev. Harry Plank. His love and devotion to God and unsel sh commitment to the God’s Missionary Church body and especially to the ministerial brethren and their families has been above and beyond his call of duty. Likewise sincere recognition for his wife, Sis. Rachel Plank, who stood by his side faithfully which has enhanced his accomplishments for the Glory of God and His Kingdom. May God bless them as they enter a new phase of service for God.” –JACOB A. MILLER

“You have led us as good shepherds: combing burdock from our wool, prodding us with the rod, & pouring healing balm into our hurts. Best of all… You’ve shown us God’s unconditional love!” –CAROL HOSKINS 

“For nineteen years Bro. & Sis. Plank have been important role models in my life. I appreciate their faithfulness, dedication, and authenticity in the service of the king. Truly only heaven will reveal the extent of their labors.” –SOLOMON SHAFFER

“Thank you, Bro. & Sis. Harry Plank, for your 19 years of faithful service to our conference! We appreciate your wonderful Christian example as well as your ability to bring a smile to our hearts and faces in the midst of trying situations.” –STEPHEN & SARAH MILLER

These words of appreciation are from the October 2015 edition of the God’s Missionary Standard.

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