Oct. 3-5: I attended four PVBI revival service. Rev. Keith Ledford did an outstanding job preaching God’s word. God moved in the revival services during the singing and the altar was lined with seekers. It is wonderful when seekers become finders! 
Oct. 6: Administrative work during the week and also all day today. (Sermon & Board Meeting preparation)
Oct. 8: Lebanon, I greeted the riders on the bus as they was being dropped off. One bus full of riders started to sing to me, Happy Birthday. Then a little girl as they finished singing said, “Jesus loves you!” I was blessed. What a great gift on my 54th birthday. I also received a number of cards and gifts from our friends at the church. Thank you! It was my privilege to preached three times today. First in the chapel service during the Sunday School hour for those adults who ride the bus. Then twice for the Harvest Home service. The congregation did a great job honoring the pastoral team.

Oct. 9: Camp Hill, Hanover Camp Board Meeting. Rev. John Mark Fisher gave us a good report of increase in money for Camp, and attendance during the day services.

Oct. 10: Penns Creek, PVBI Board Meeting. We toured the president house and discovered there is several projects that will need to be done before our new president moves into house.

Oct. 11: Camp Hill, Rev. Stuart Hallam preached a good message on Holiness.

Oct. 13: Sermon preparation

Oct. 15: Milesburg, I preached at the harvest home service to honor the Hoskin family. The display and gifts were great. Thanks for taking care of your pastor.

Oct. 17-22: Glouster Ohio, I was privileged to preach a revival at Fairview Holiness Church. I was blessed to share God’s word with 20 of my family that came to the services.

Oct. 23-28: Glouster Ohio, (Vacation)
Oct. 29: Rebersburg, I was privileged to be the fill-in preacher for the day. Thank you,  Bro. and Sis Bennett for the great meal and fellowship. Pray with us that God will send them a pastor.

Oct 30: Administrative work (Travel notes for the President)

Oct. 31: Beavertown, God’s Missionary Youth Camp board meeting. Youth Camp president Matt Maloyed directed the meeting. We agreed to some schedule changes. The date is still the same: June 11-15, 2018. Administrative work (Sermons & World Mission)

Nov. 1: Penns Creek, World Missions board meeting with Bro. Simmons. Bro. Simmons has been helping on the mission field in Brazil for many years. He plans to join us and to continue serving the Brazilian people. 

Nov. 4: Administrative work (General Board and Sermon)

Nov. 5: Millmont, PVBI Choir service. God’s presence was special. There were many good testimonies from choir members and the congregation.