Are you interested in learning more about sin or entire sanctification? Are you thirsting for a deeper life? Do you yearn for spiritual power and revival fervor? David Wise shares seven holiness classics that changed his life and may change yours.
  1. A Right Conception of Sin by Richard Taylor. This book opened my mind to what sin really is. Coming from a semi-Evangelical home, I was basically taught that any little mistake is a sin and thus, there is never any real victory.  Taylor’s book also taught me that heart purity is not a vague concept but a “state” entered by faith when one’s consecration if fully complete. It was a life changing book.
  2. New Testament Holiness by Thomas Cook. In my mind, this is the greatest and simplest explanation of Wesleyan doctrine. Cook was a mighty soul winner among the English Methodists and his personal godliness was legendary in his day.  He was also a president at Cliff College. I would love Schmul to publish this book again. It is that good.
  3. Holiness and Power by A.M. Hills. Bro. Hills studied for the ministry under the noble Finney at Oberlin.  His great mind was much like Finney in that he would have made a wonderful lawyer if he had not entered the ministry.  It is exceedingly thorough and there many, many testimonies to prove his points.  His logical mind built an impressive defense for the doctrine of sanctification.
  4. Inheritance Restored by M. L. Haney. After Right Conception of Sin, this was the next book I ever read on Holiness.  It is very thorough and hard not to see the force of his argument.
  5. Sanctification by Beverly Carradine. This is a great book to give a hungry soul looking for the blessing! It is hard to put down. A very good read. Carradine was a tremendous writer and this is one of his bests.
  6. Helps to Holiness by Samuel Brengle. Brengle’s sweet spirit shines through his writings and this is his most well known. Very simple but profound. It should be in every Holiness home.  In all honesty, it should be in every Christian home.
  7. Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill. This is not specifically about Holiness but rather revival.  Yet, revival is the result of Christian people being clear in their experience.  This book will keep sanctified people from “leaking out” if they apply the principles found in it.

Featured Contributor

David Wise is the pastor of the Berwick God’s Missionary Church. He serves as the editor of the God’s Missionary Standard.