Nov. 6: Penn’s Creek, General Board meeting. We were excited to grant licenses to Bro. Billy Simmons, Bro. Matt Kilgore, and Sis Becky Clark.
Nov. 8: Camp Hill, I visited Sis Eileen Gordan in the Holy Spirit Hospital. Let’s pray for a quick recovery.

Mountain Road GMC Revival, Bro. Michael Mason challenged us to be a witness.

Nov. 9: State College, I visited Sis. Bickert in the hospital and Sis Janet Witmer in her home. Both ladies are former pastor’s wives.

Nov. 9 -10: Beavertown, Bus and Outreach board meeting. Next year’s date, March 06-08, 2018 at our Lebanon GGMC. It is an honor to work with a board full of men trying to advance God’s work.

Nov. 11-12: Rome NY, we had 102 different people attend the Rome God’s Missionary Church on our opening day! Over half had never been to a holiness church. God’s presence was felt in the services. People said, “we are coming back.”

Nov. 13: Penns Creek, PVBI board meeting to discuss the President Elect moving into school housing. We also discussed many other issues relating to the school. We thank God for each of these Board members and different ways in which they are a blessing to God’s work.
Nov. 14-21: God gave us a good revival in Columbia, SC. Bro. and Sis. Walters are doing a great job ministering to the saints and caring for those who are lost. It was a joy to make pastoral calls in homes and in the hospital with the pastor.

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