by Ryleigh Stratton

The following letter was recently published in Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Magazine. Ryleigh Stratton, age 11, is the daughter of Jeff Stratton, a Home Missions pastor at the Chambersburg God’s Missionary Church.

My family moved to Chambersburg so my dad could pastor a church. The first year we prayed for 65 people to attend our Christmas program. That night, we got 70. (You have to understand, this is a small church.) While my family looked for a personage, we lived in a double-wide trailer for almost a year. At first it was fun, but then it got boring.

In January of last year, my dad preached a sermon. He called 2017 “The Year of the Impossible.” April was outreach month. Our goal was 50 visitors. After two Sundays, we already had 49 visitors. We raised our goal to 100, then 125. Then we stopped setting goals and waited for the final number. We got 140 visitors! 

Around that time, our friends’ grandma died. She lived right across the road from our church. On a hot, sticky day in June, we won the auction for her house. After some remodeling, we moved in on August 31.

​I am so thankful to God for doing the impossible.

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