March 6-8: Outreach and Bus Convention: We thank God for the 37 God’s Missionary Church pastors and many more laymen that were encouraged and equipped to do God’s work.
March 9-10: Penns Creek: Viewing and funeral for Sis Grace (Moore) Womer. She had formerly been a GMC pastor’s wife. We appreciated all the comments that spoke of her love for God and others.

March 10-11: Delmar: God is using the Sweitzer family in a great way. There were 39 in the Sunday morning worship service and God’s presences was there in a special way. New people in the house of God always excites me. May we all continue to reach the lost.

March 12: GMYC Board Meeting: God is using Youth Camp President Rev. Matt Maloyed and the board to prepare another wonderful youth camp. 

March 13: PVBI Board meeting: We are preparing a service to honor Rev. John Zechman for his 28 years of service to PVBI.

March 13-18: Bloserville Revival Meeting. Thank You, Bro. and Sis. Gordon, for your labors of love. As you retire, we will not forget how God used you to help remodel the church. The beautiful sanctuary, new bathrooms, and entrance will be used by God’s people for years to come.

March 19: PVBI Board Meeting: We are preparing an Installation Service for President-Elect Rev. Daniel Durkee. 

March 20-26: Salisbury, NC Revival Meeting: I was privileged to be with Rev. Johnathan Kline and people. God moved in a special way and challenged us to do His work.

March 27: General Board Meeting. 

March 28: Home Mission Board Meeting: God is working, churches are growing, and souls are being transformed by the gospel.

March 28-29: Boiling Springs, NC: I went to the viewing and funeral of Opal McIntosh who had formerly been a pastor’s wife at the Beavertown God’s Missionary Church. The pastor spoke of her as living out Proverbs 31. 

March 30: World Mission Board Meeting: We appreciate faithful board members and their good insights into God’s work.

March 30-April 1: Pillow Revival Meeting: It was great to be in special services over Good Friday and remember Christ’ death and then on Sunday, Easter! He is Risen! God is using Rev. Aaron and Katrina Dorman to lead His work. 

April 2: Penns Valley: I met with a pastor to discuss God’s work.

April 3-5: Canton, OH: Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection Ministerial. We appreciate so much our brothers and sisters from other holiness groups. I was blessed to share God’s Word four times during their Ministerial. Rev. David Blowers, Conference President, and everyone who attended treated me great. God’s presence and help made this Ministerial special.

April 6: Butler: Visited Bro. and Sis. Walborn to discuss the Butler church. It has been closed for several months due to the the pastor’s physical problems. Bro. Walborn wants to reopen it in the spring, but we need a pastor. He still has a burden for the church and community. If God is calling you to an open church, please let us know!

April 8: Hanover. It was encouraging to have two new people in church from the community. We also had a great meal and fellowship in the dining hall after church.  Thanks, Bro. Paulus and church family, for a job well done.

April 8: Millmont. We appreciated the good Sunday night crowd. The church is blessed with younger and older couples. We know God is working in many different lives.