April 9: Lewisburg. Dr. Mark Smith did an excellent job talking to the supporters of PVBI. The Founders Banquet is put on to say thank you to supporters. It is also a time to inform them of present needs. We praise God for over $89,000. raised this night. 
April 10-12: Administrative work (Traveling with the President notes, Western District, etc.)

April 13: General Board Meeting, opening election ballots. Please pray that God will direct both pastors and laymen during this time.  

April 14-15: We visited Rhoda’s family in Ohio a couple days. 

April 16: Noah’s Ark Encounter – a place you may want to visit. 

April 16-20: Dayton, Ohio (I.H.C.). One of the best conventions I have ever attended. God used this year’s theme “Thy Kingdom Come (Surrender), Thy will be done”. Our Vice-President, Rev. Jeremy Fuller, was greatly used of God in the Wednesday night service. To God be the Glory!

April 22: Penn’s Valley is the place that Rhoda and I often sing a special together. We all need to be willing to try to cooperate with the pastor.

Newport: We appreciate the good pastoral team and God’s spirit that we sensed in the service. We appreciate how God is helping the church to grow.

April 23-24: We attended the Viewing & Funeral for Betty Kratz. God’s presence was manifested in a powerful way. Sis. Betty Kratz lived her life trying to be a blessing to others.

We also went over to the Sunbury Revival Meeting to hear Rev. Joe Smith. He quoted a couple of great poems again.

April 25: PVBI School Board Meeting. I taught a couple of classes at school for Dr. Tim Cooley. Went to Camp Hill Revival Service to hear Rev. Tillis but there was no preaching tonight. God’s spirit worked amongst us. 

April 27: (Sermon prep)

April 29: Berwick: I was privileged to dedicate Luke Asbury Wise to the Lord. We pray God’s blessing on him and his parents.

Penns Valley, Revival Meeting. Rev. Sheldon Habecker did an excellent job preaching on this question: “What direction are you pitching your tent?”

May 01: Administrative work (Calls, E-mails, Sermon prep for Western District.)

May 3-5: Campus Days at PVBI. We appreciate all the hard work by the staff and faculty to make this event possible. Let us pray that many who attended will feel the call of God on their life and attend Penn View.

May 8: World Mission Board Meeting with Rev. Aaron and Mari Gillett. We believe God is going to use this young couple in Belize.

May 9: We had the Gillett’s over to our house for a meal and fellowship.

May 10: Sermon Prep for UBC Camp meeting.

May 11: PVBI Auction

May 12: Sunbury. Congratulations to our granddaughter, Shiloh, on her graduation from Kindergarten. I was honored to hand her the diploma and pray for her.

I went to the Harrisburg Hospital to visit our oldest GMC Minister (94 yrs.), Sis. Dorothy Straight. Her sense of humor is always a blessing.

May 13: Sunbury. Mother’s Day! Rhoda was able to sit with her Mom for the service and be at the church where all our children attend. Then 20 family members enjoyed lunch together at our daughter and son in laws home.

Danville. Revival Meeting: Rev. Harry Plank preached using humor and sobriety as he only can. We appreciated a good number from the New Columbia church supporting the revival effort.