Quotes from main evangelists Jeremy Fuller, Rodney Loper, and Mike Marshall as well as youth evangelist Andrew Stroud.

“Serious Christians don’t play close to the edge spiritually.” (Rodney Loper)

“It is not safe to put off salvation for one moment.” (Mike Marshall)

“The devil tries to convince us to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season and forfeit the pleasures that are forevermore.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“It is time for us to take off our judge’s robes and put on a doctor’s gown and view the world through the eyes of God.” (Rodney Loper)

“Submitting to authority brings joy to the heart.” (Mike Marshall)

“It is impossible to forgive someone and at the same time continue to speak evil about them.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“There is no issue too small, that God cannot speak to us about it.” (Andrew Stroud)

“Instead of going to the Word looking for ways to apply the Word, we go to the Word looking for ways to get around the Word.” (Rodney Loper)

“We can have revival if we are honest with God, honest with ourselves, and honest with others.” (Mike Marshall)

“Grace is a free gift, freely received, freely embraced, and without it we cannot be pleasing to God. Without the grace of God, we are a stench, and are not at all able to satisfy the righteous requirements of Almighty God.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“Worldliness is unbiblical living. We aren’t different just to be different. Worldliness is going cross-grain to Scripture.” (Rodney Loper)

“The hour is too late to fuss and fight. We need to join together and pray for revival.” (Mike Marshall)

“The hinge point of a man’s faith is deciding who he will identify with.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“God doesn’t save you to put you on a shelf.” (Andrew Stroud)

“Submitting to the personal Lordship of Christ means allowing Him to speak to you about things that there may be no chapter and verse for in the Bible.” (Rodney Loper)

“The devil is trying to rock us to sleep and his tune is, ‘no harm in this, no harm in that; no harm in this, no harm in that.’ Jesus warns us not to sleep before His coming.” (Mike Marshall)

“We do not believe in unconditional eternal security, but neither do we believe in the insecurity that is implied by some churches. As long as we cooperate with God, we are eternally secure.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“God doesn’t reassure us that we are adequate for the task. We aren’t. He tells us that He will be with us, and that is enough.” (Rodney Loper)

“Some men are always trying to reform themselves, resolving to do this and to do that, but only the Spirit can make a man spiritual.” (Mike Marshall)

“There is a high cost for low living.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“What are you doing right now for God’s kingdom? God’s Word is all the prompting we need. God has commanded us to ‘go!'” (Andrew Stroud)

“Our words should reflect the beauty of Christ’s work in our lives. We should not be harsh, hard, critical, or demeaning.” (Rodney Loper)

“We are threatened by compromise on one side and criticism on the other. The only way to keep from compromising and to keep from having a critical spirit is to have the fulness of Christ in our hearts.” (Mike Marshall)

“If you are saved, it is not because you repented (though God requires repentance), or because you cried at an altar of prayer, or because of how sorry you were. You are saved because God made a covenant through the blood of His Son, and you entered in by faith.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“Christians act like Christians even when they are stressed out and things aren’t going their way.” (Rodney Loper)

“There is no substitute for the glory of God.” (Mike Marshall)

“One of the most neglected means of soul-winning is hospitality. In our culture — in our society — probably not many are going to come to our church unless they first come to our home.” (Jeremy Fuller)

“Focus on being all God wants you to be now and God will guide your future.” (Andrew Stroud)

“Sin may be temporary in its pleasure, but it is lasting in its damage. The effects of sin can last a life time.” (Rodney Loper)

“When you seek God with all of your heart, you will not be disappointed. He will come.” (Mike Marshall)

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