August 9-15: Belize, the installation service for Rev. Aaron Gillett was the highlight of the week. There were 95 in attendance from 7 different churches. The boy next door grows up, gets saved, goes to PVBI, gets married to Mary, and comes home to be the Pastor.

August 15: Elim Grove Camp, Rev. Ben Durr Sr. reminded us that Jesus can forgive sin.

August 17-18: Sermon preparation. I also attended the Funeral of Rev. Leroy Adams who was a great missionary. His life still inspires us.

August 19: Sunbury, always good to preach and worship with the Sunbury Congregation. The instrumental music always is a blessing to us.

August 20-29: Fairbanks Alaska, we spoke 9 times to eager listeners. God especially came near Wednesday night when all 95 in attendance were touched by God’s Spirit.
God came near. Thank You to the Calhoun’s for your great Hospitality.

Sep. 1-6: Sermon preparation for FL District and Conference. I also had a General Board meeting and shared a devotional to the workers at the new IHC headquarters.

Sep. 7-10: We thank God for His Presence and the unity we felt in the FL District. There were 55 in attendance in the Friday night rally with 8 churches represented. Rev. Steve Miller preached a good message on the 3 Hebrew children. I preached the conference message and at Lakeland GMC and for Bro. Steve Miller at St Petersburg.

Sep 12: Administrative work

Sep 13: Penn View Board meeting, work is being done on the president’s house. Thank you to Rev. Brian Spangler for leading this project and all your hard work. Thank you to Rev. Jeremy Fuller for your gift of a new roof and sending your men to do the job. Thanks to the General Board for $10,000. Thanks to an anonymous person for $20,000.
If anyone else would like to work on or give to this project, call Bro. Spangler.

Sept. 16: Danville, special testimony service by the Hartman family. Several sought the Lord at the end of the message. Praise the Lord!

Beavertown youth Service was a special missionary service with the Cressman Family. Bro. Wes Cressman is Rhoda’s cousin. They are Co-Laborers with the Kuhn’s Family in Honduras.

Sep. 17: I was at the Lewisburg Hospital all day. My Dad had surgery and is now recovering.

Sep. 19: Sunbury revival, Rev Daniel Stetler preached a needed and helpful message on the Glory of God.
Sept. 20: Pension Board and then a World Missions Conference call board meeting.

Sep. 21-24: Kissimmee Fl, for Kissimmee church elections. Rev. Dereck McIntire was voted in and has accepted. All our open churches now have a Pastor. Praise the Lord!

Sep. 26: Penns Valley Revival, Rev. Michael Masons challenged us from Ezekiel 22:30. God help us to be standing in the Gap.

Sep. 28: Sermon preparation and administrative work.

Sep. 29: Harvested a 5-point buck. A little pleasure is good for everyone.

Sep. 30: Lebanon G.M.C. Harvest Home services. It was a privilege to help honor the Sickler and Walter family. The Special roses and notes from the children were special.