Oct. 1-5: Attended PVBI Revival Meeting four times. Bro. Going preached some challenging messages to all. “Be swift to hear”, “Kingdom Builders” and “Moses Call”. God moved and young people responded to the truth.

GMYC Board meeting. We are anticipating God using the camp next summer.

Lehighton, Rev. Rodney Thacker preached a challenging truth about fasting sleep or a pleasure for God’s kingdom.

We attended Sis Carol Hoskins mother’s funeral. Loretta Lucas was a blessing to her family and her Penns Valley church family.

We were privileged to go to the wedding of Brian and Phoebe Spangler.

Oct. 7: Newport, Harvest Home services honoring the Brenizer and Arnold families. The congregation had a beautiful display and nice gifts. There were special musicians and me as the surprise speaker.

Danville, Rev. Rodney Kiester finished this revival meeting by sharing “How to stay true to God”.  I enjoyed the materials he passed out.

Oct. 9-13: Administrative Work (Sermon prep for revival in Ohio and Ministerial in California).

Chambersburg, Rev. Sheldon Habecker spoke on Isaiah Vision. “Our greatest need today is a Revival of complete consecration to God”.

Oct. 14: Millersburg, A visit to our oldest minister, Rev. Dorothy Straight. We had a real good visit. I then traveled down to Bermudian to visit Rev. Clarence Dupert who has been placed on Hospice care.

New Columbia, Praise Singers did an excellent job ministering in music.

Oct. 15: Penns Creek, GMC Home Mission Board meeting.

Wilkes Barre General Hospital to visit Rev. Warren Major.

Mount Pleasant Mills, Rev. Barry Arnold’s mother’s viewing. Sis. Mary Arnold went home to be with the Lord at 99 years of age.

Oct. 16-21: Chauncey Ohio, I was privileged to have several of my Dad’s family and friends come out to revival.

Oct. 22: GMC World Mission board meeting.

Oct. 24-30: California, Ministerial for the Bible Holiness Church (Western District). I have several new friends including two of their leaders, Bro. Stephen Acuff and Bro. Gareth Nickerson.

Nov. 1: Bermudian: I visited Sis Dupert and family to prepare details for Bro. Dupert’s funeral.

Nov. 2: Duncannon: Rev. Ben Crawford preached to 41 of us. “God’s true people are pure and persevering”. Jeremiah 12:9 “mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird”.

Nov. 4-5: Bermudian: We attended the viewing and funeral for Bro. Dupert. We have always appreciated the ministry of the Dupert’s. It was obvious that others felt the same way as the funeral home was full.

Nov. 6-8: Administrative work: Sermon preparation and several calls, texts about a church joining our conference.

Nov. 10-11: Rome, NY, I was blessed to be at the first-year anniversary services. There were 43 in the service. At the end of the message a few sought God at the altar.

In the afternoon there were 40. We were so excited to hear several testify about how God is using the Rome God’s Missionary Church to help them spiritually. God has truly used the Samborski & Kilgore families in a great way this year.