At the 2019 Sea Breeze Camp, Dr. Timothy L. Cooley Sr. delivered a series of Bible studies titled “Children of the King in a Culture of Rebellion” or “Citizens of the Right-Side-Up Kingdom of Self-Giving Love.” Links to each of the studies are available through HSBC Live.

  1. Book of Esther — Esther – Chosen
  2. Book of Esther, cont. —  Mordecai – Tested
  3. Book of Esther, cont. —  Esther – If I Perish
  4. Book of Esther, cont. —  Haman’s Hangups
  5. Book of Esther, cont. — Hosanna!  Save us!  Or O God, Get us Out of This Mess!
  6. Genesis 14 — Abram’s Vow of Separation
  7. Genesis 24 — Don’t Take My Son Back There!
  8. II Kings 19 — Healing and Wholeness Through Healthy Relationships (Elijah and Elisha: The Need for Team Ministry and Mentoring)
  9. Romans 12:1-2 — Holy Living (and Abraham and Isaac)