Feb. 26-March 01: Plainfield, IN to speak at the ICHA Preacher Lay Convention. Rev. Marc Dodrill and people treated me great. We appreciated how God moved among us in the services.

March 02-03: Knightstown, IN to visit the Rev. George & Sharron Maloyed & Rev. Steve & Cindy Davis. I was privileged to also preach at their church (Bethel Holiness Church).

March 04-08: Westfield, IN to attend and speak at a session at the Outreach & Bus Convention. I was blessed to hear the 3 founders of the convention speak each evening- Rev. Barry Arnold, Rev. Rowan Fay. and Rev. M.R. McCrary. May God increase our passion for Him and souls.

March 10: York, my wife said, “The church people are always so kind and appreciative of the specials”. Thanks Pastor Nathan and Denise for your labors and love for the people.

March 11: Penns Creek, we had a General Board & Penns Creek Camp Board meeting. We were planning for future usages of our Headquarters Building and some update on the tabernacle.

March 12-17: Newport, we sensed God helping us to draw closer to him in this revival meeting. We appreciated the two couples seeking God at the alter on Sunday morning. We thank God for the sense of love that we felt from the Pastoral team to the people.

March 19: PVBI Dedication Service of the McIntire and Mason Student Life Center. We thank God for the impact of these men on God’s Kingdom and our lives.

March 20-24: Danville Revival Services. We appreciate the altar being used by children, young people and adults. We thank God for Bro. Nathan & Anna Yohe and their love for the people that shines through them.

March 25: New York City, I had to get a visa for my trip to Brazil. Traffic delayed us and we arrived at 9:45 AM.  A long line greeted us, and it closed at noon. The Embassy will not send it to you. God went before us and security put us in front of the line. It was a God thing! You just had to be there. Bro. Paulus and I walked out of there with my visa in record time.

March 26-31: Glenn Iron, Pilgrim Holiness Church Revival. It was a privilege to get to know some of the people better and be with our good friends, Rev. Dave & Joyce Walter.

April 01-09: Brazil, I went with Bro. Paulus, our Mission Director, to see our works in Brazil. There are new people in each of our churches. One church had several newer converts. We rode on boats, ate lots of fish and I drank coffee for the first time. We slept in hammocks the last three nights. We were honored to minister with the Stephen Mills family. They interpreted for us everywhere we went. I also ministered in two of their New York Pilgrim churches. God moved among us in our time together. Praise His name!

April 10-14: Cool Ridge, WV Revival Services at the Little Country Church.  Rev. Nathan Walter and the church family showed me great hospitality. I really appreciated how many people came in from other churches during this meeting.

April 15: General board meeting to open ballots from Pastoral Elections.

April 16: PVBI board meeting. We appreciate President Durkee’s leadership. God is using him in a special way. Please keep him and the school in your prayers.

April 17: Sunbury, Revival Service with Rev. Mike Avery on the Spirit filled Life. “What does that look like?” was the topic that evening. Excellent truth.

April 19: Beavertown, Revival Service. We enjoyed the singing by Rev. Alan and Anita Walter and the great message from Rev. Aaron McCarty from Eph. 4:27 “Neither give place to the devil.

April 19 & 21: Danville, Geisinger Hospital to visit Rev. Alvin Shaffer who was really low physically.

April 22-26: Dayton, Ohio, I.H.C. Convention. God moved in wonderful ways to encourage us to experience ‘Victory”. Let us all keep the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

April 27-28: Sermon prep for funeral service for Rev. Alvin Shaffer. I also visited my Mom who is in a Nursing Home.

April 29: Viewing and Funeral for Rev. Alvin Shaffer. The tributes from family, friends, from his churches and camps were outstanding. Bro. Shaffer really loved people. He was a fisher of men. He loved greeting and visiting them. Above everything else he wanted everyone to be saved.

April 30: Penns Creek, Home Mission board meeting. Then, in a combined meeting, Bro. Jeremy was voted in for 3 more years as Home Mission Director. He accepted. We thank God for the great job he and his family are doing.

May 01: PVBI Chapel service. I preached to the college young people on “Wall Builders” from Nehemiah 3.  I represented GMC to the ministerial students during the lunch time.

May 02: Campus Days events. We are blessed to have so many great students at PVBI. Pray that God will use this event to call more students to our school and into God’s work.

May 03: Mowed and trimmed at the Headquarters building.

May 04: Finally, I was able to go fishing for the first time this year. Walleye season opens today. I caught 0 but I did catch 26 smallmouth bass. Catch and release but it sure was enjoyable. Then back to more sermon preparation.

May 05: Lancaster, CrossRoads God’s Missionary Church. I preached to around 50 in the morning service. Then we had a full house for our Dedication service in the afternoon. Great service. Sunday night we went to Sunbury to be involved in our grandson, Judah’s baby dedication. This is Ryan and Mandy’s youngest child.

May 06: Penns Creek, Headquarters building, Prayer Breakfast. Great fellowship around a meal. We then went to the church and had a wonderful season of prayer.

PVBI School board meeting in the afternoon.

May 07-09: Administrative work, mowed and trimmed headquarters building.

May 10: PVBI Auction, we appreciate all the volunteers that make this fund raiser possible.

May 12: Sunbury, Mother’s Day, we were involved in the baby dedication for our daughter, Erica’s twins, Jackson and McKenna Sanford. These are Daniel and Erica’s first babies.

Finished the book “God’s Errand Boy” (H.E. Schmul) by Valorie Quesenberry. The book was excellent.

May 13-16: Administrative work, mowed and trimmed headquarters building. PVCA elementary program. The teachers and music staff are doing a great job pulling out the gifts and talents of the children.

May 17: Butler, I went to visit Bro. Walburn on his 91st birthday. We also discussed the needs of the properties. We appreciate he and his wife.

May 19: Mahaffey, I met with the church people for about their intern-Pastor, Joshua Neidermyer. He is now Pastor Neidermyer. A special thanks to the whole family for caring and loving the people at the Mahaffey church.