May 20: Camp Hill. Hanover Camp Board Meeting. We appreciate the work of Camp President Rev. John Mark Fisher and the board to see the camp go forward.

May 21: Penn’s Creek for the 50th Wedding Celebration of a wonderful, faithful couple: Rev. and Mrs. Harry Plank.

May 22: World Mission board meeting.

May 23: PVCA Elementary Graduation. Congratulations for a job well done!

May 24-25: Linden, TN. Attended the funeral service for Rev. Robert Walker, founder of the Fort Myers Rescue Mission. What a legacy he left behind of reaching the lost and homeless.

May 27-June 03: Preparation and trip to Colorado Springs for our Western District Conference and Services. The Rev. Jeff Stratton family were used of God to encourage and strengthen God’s family. 

June 04: Evangelical Hospital. I visited Sis. Gertie Mason who was having surgery.

June 05-07: I mowed and trimmed the headquarters building and did administrative work.

June 08: GMYC workday & met with PVBI President Durkee about lights in the camp grove.

June 10-12: GMYC. God moved once again and gave victories and spiritual help to our young people. Praise His Name! A special thanks to Rev. Matt. Maloyed and Rev. Aaron McCarty for your leadership.

June 13-15: Ohio. We were privileged to prepare and participate in the beautiful wedding of Nathanial and Karen Gessner. We appreciate their desire to please God.

June 16: Jackson. It was great to see Bro. and Sis Major again. Please pray for them. They’re both on dialysis 3 times a week and have other physical challenges. A few of them still meet on Sunday afternoons for church services.

June 17: Penns Creek. General Board meeting. We welcome two new ministers to the Conference: Rev. Nick Rine and Rev. Jeb Stigell.

June 18: Sermon and other preparations for my trip to Belize.

June 19-25: Belize. World Mission director, Rev. Wilmer Paulus and I preached, attended a board meeting with the local church board, attended a funeral on Sunday morning of a relative of Rev. Aaron Gillett and were involved in getting supplies for a work team of 19 coming from our Millmont church. Bro. Paulus and I also received a motorcycle ride from the pastor. God is using the Gillett family. Keep them in your prayers and support.

June 26-27: Delmar, Maryland. Rev. Jeb Stigell was voted in and has accepted to be the next pastor. His grandfather was involved in starting the church many years ago. We are excited about the Stigell family being part of G.M.C.

June 28: Sermon prep for Mt. of Blessings Camp

June 29: Mt. of Blessings tradition is that the Conference President preaches the first Saturday afternoon service.

June 30: Mt of Blessings Camp. Rev. Joe Smith preached a challenging message on Luke 15: “This man recieveth sinners.” May God help all of us to be friendly and have a passion for the lost.

July- 02: I worked on my conference message and presidential notes.

July 03-24: I went to 10 camp meeting services: Hanover Camp, Kids Camp, Mt. of Blessings, Ono, Beulah and Oakland Mills. I visited Rev. Mike Hoskins twice in Mt. Nittany Hospital. It was an honor to participate in the wedding of Rev. Shane and Danae Walters. We know God is going to continue to use this young couple. I also attended the funeral of Sis Anita Morley’s mother. I met up with three different preachers individually to discuss burdens on their hearts. I also had three board meetings: GMYC, Crusaders and PVBI. I attended a service at our Northampton church and worked at our Penn’s Creek Camp workday.

July 25: GMC Conference. It was a joy to see all the ministers, their wives and delegates come in for the day. God met with us in a special way in the communion time.

Sis Tillis’ song and Vice President Jeremy Fuller’s message before communion were powerful. The Conference message was 1 Chronicles 27:28, “In Charge of the oil”.

1. The Place of the work. 2. The Purpose of the work. 3. The Passion of the work. 4.   The Person of the work. 1Corinthians 12:18 “But now hath God set the members everyone of them in the body as it hath pleased him.” May we all serve faithfully where God has placed us!

July 26-Aug 04: Penn’s Creek Camp, God used each of the workers to accomplish His will. Many sought God at the altar of prayer. God’s special presence was with us in our services. Lebanon Valley Gospel Band helped to make the last Sunday night extra special. 

Aug. 05: Penn’s Creek Camp clean up day. A big thank you to all who helped before, during and after camp.

Aug. 07: Sunbury. I rode the church bus to pick up children for V.B.S. It was refreshing and rewarding to see the excitement in the children.

Aug 08-09: Preparation for Sunday’s sermon. I also visited Rev. Mike Hoskins in Mt. Nittany Hospital.

Aug. 10-11: Rome, NY. It was an exciting day to install Rev. Barry Sweitzer as the new pastor. We believe God is going to continue to strengthen the work and bind the church family and pastoral family together. Pray that new people will be saved in this community.

Aug. 13: Wilkes Barre General Hospital. Went to visit Rev. Warren Major. He has been struggling physically for a while now. Please keep he and his wife in your prayers.

Aug. 14: Elim Grove camp, Rev. Harry Plank preached a good message on being clean. One new person prayed for salvation. Praise the Lord!