Aug. 18: Hanover, I appreciated all the kind words about the message. We were privileged to share a wonderful meal with the Paulus’ and Bundy’s.

Sunbury, we appreciate how God is using the church. There are new people coming in regularly.

Aug. 19: School devotional at PV. We thank God for staff and faculty that are committed to God and Penn View. The General Board also met with Servant Solutions to find out about their ministry.

Aug. 21-22: Administrative work and sermon prep.

Aug. 23: Welcome Night at Penn View with beautiful fireworks and fellowship.

Aug. 24-25: Salamanca, NY, God has blessed the church with a new parsonage and pavilion. Ask Pastor John Walter Jr. about the special Native American mark in the pavilion.

Mahaffey, we praise God for a couple new families who are now part of the church.

Aug. 27-29: Administrative work and sermon prep for FL trip.

Aug. 30-Sept. 09: FL It was wonderful to be with our Florida District brothers and sisters.  Rev. Matt Ellison did a great job preaching at the rally Friday evening. The Conference started with a challenging communion message by Rev. Justin Steen. I then preached the message for our conference along with going to the four churches and preaching at each one. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with the Rev. Maurilio Ambrocio family. He pastors the Spanish Church on our campgrounds.

Sept. 12-14: Administrative work and sermon prep. I also heard Bro. Steve Stetler speak in a PV chapel Thursday along with our Conference Wide Youth Rally on Friday. God used him in a powerful way both times. It was wonderful to see so many young people used in different ways during the service.

Sept. 15: Bloserville, we appreciated the good spirit of unity we felt in the service.

Lewistown, we appreciate the answer to prayers for Sis Donahey.

Sept. 16-17: Developed a new sermon and attended PV Constitution Day.

Sept. 18-20 Sunbury Revival services with Rev. Adam Buckler. Enjoyed and appreciated his object lesson on being filled with the spirit on Friday night (youth emphasis).

Sept. 22: Chambersburg, it was wonderful to see the active bus ministry children and teens. We appreciate the churches desire to be faithful to their community.

Shamokin has a similar ministry that has recently started. God is blessing and they had 40 children and church folk on Sunday night. Praise God! Thank You, Rev. Michael Fritz family and people, for your new efforts into the community.

Sept 23-24: Administrative work. General board met and then Bro. Jeremy Fuller and I moved many books from the camp meeting bookstore to another location.

Sept. 26-28: AL (IMF) Represented GMC to ministerial students. Rev. Daniel Durkee and Rev. Rodney Keister also were main speakers on Outreach and Evangelism.

Sept. 29: Columbia, SC, I preached and then enjoyed the fellowship of Rev. Kenneth and Pat Walter.

Sept. 30 – Oct. 03: I took a few vacation days and hunted. I filled a doe tag in SC and was hoping to shoot a wild hog but was unsuccessful.

Oct. 04: PV revival service. I also met today with a couple ministers to discuss their ministries.

Oct. 05: Opening of PA Archery Season. Our son, Chad and I both shot a doe today.

Oct. 06: Milmont, it was a privilege to help honor and show appreciation to the Bennett family during the Harvest Home services.

Oct 07: Camp Hill, Hanover Camp board meeting. God has helped in every area spiritually, physically and financially. Praise His Name!

Oct. 08: GMYC board meeting. We appreciate the vision and dedication of this board to see a spiritual and enjoyable youth camp.

Oct. 09: Newport Revival meeting, Rev. John Case preached on “Rest” from Matt. 11:28-30.

Oct. 11: DE, for the funeral of Sis Janice Jones, Denise Shaffer’s mother. Rev. Jeb Stigell did a great good job officiating the service.

Oct 12: Penns Creek Headquarters building to meet with one of our church boards. We appreciate the boards of each of our churches and the blessing they are to our conference.

Oct. 13: Lebanon, Harvest Home to help honor the Pastor team. I appreciated the special honor this year to the Associate Pastor, Rev. Joel Sickler. The four young men from his youth group did a tremendous job talking about how he was a blessing to them.

Oct. 14: Headquarters Building, Strategic planning meeting with the General board, PV board, Penns Creek Camp board and two youth leaders met to discuss and plan our future as GMC God gave us a great day together. Let’s continue to pray, plan and promote GMC.

Oct. 15-20: Glouster, Ohio, it was wonderful to be at Fairfield Holiness Church for the third time in 5 years. God moved and strengthened the church in a special way. I have gained some great friends at the church.