In Loving Memory

“The life of Rev. Paul F. Miller was an inspiration to me.  I have had the privilege to work directly with him for over 40 years.  He was my General Superintendent for many years.  We served together and traveled together as members of the General Board and served together on other boards.  It was my privilege to serve as his pastor for the past two years.  He was always so gracious and a blessing to have in the services. He was a man of integrity; a leader that was very sensitive to the needs of others; always concerned about the Conference of God’s Missionary Church; and always showed a heart for the ministry, even witnessing to hospital staff while on his death bed.  He was truly a blessing! Heaven is richer because another soldier of the cross has gone home.  Our loss is heaven’s gain.  He left footprints for us to follow him to the City, till we meet again!” —John Zechman

“As a young teenager, I worked in the dining hall during camp meeting. I could have mopped the dining hall floor after service, but preferred to do it during the service while the preacher was preaching the evening message so I could escape the altar calls when God would deal with my heart. I would leave the service each night when the music was finished. One night I walked around the back of the tabernacle (behind platform) when the door opened on to the sidewalk and Brother Miller stepped out: “Jim, what are you doing? I’ve watched you leave each evening.”  I went back into the service that night, and to this day am amazed that out of a tabernacle full of more important people, Brother Miller had his eyes on me and carried a burden for my soul. He later performed our wedding ceremony and placed me in the pastorate. His signature is on my high school and college diploma as well as my ordination certificate. The signature of his consistency, carefulness, character and Christlikeness is the greatest treasure of all that I will carry through all of life.” —James Plank

“Rev. Paul Miller was the General Superintendent during my early years of ministry.  He proved to be a true friend and support during some of my most difficult years of ministry.  I always had a deep respect for him and will forever be indebted to him.” —Alan Walter

“Bro Paul Miller had a profound impact on me and my family.  In my first year of full-time pastoral ministry, he counseled me to begin buying my own home as early in life as ‘providentially possible’.  The very next year the Lord opened the doors for my wife and I to do that.  Looking back over the last 16 years since he encouraged us in that decision I am very thankful I obeyed. Our family will be the grateful beneficiaries of his practical wisdom for generations to come. As a leader, he was exemplary in every way.  He was loyal to the conference.  He was committed to the end – evidenced by the fact he showed up at our Ministerial last month.  Long-gone from the top spot he quietly took his place among the ‘rank and file’ and was faithful.  He was a man full of grace and kindness.  When I think of humility as a Christian virtue I think of Paul Miller. For many in my generation Bro. Miller will not be remembered for the sermons he preached from a pulpit, but the sermon he consistently lived before us.  It was Holiness Unto the Lord and it was attractive.  Well Done General Superintendent Miller. Your battle has ended.  Your race is run.  Your coronation day has come!” —Jeremy Fuller

“Bro. Paul Miller had a great impact on our early years of ministry. When the Lord was leading us to take a pastorate after having a local preacher’s license for 13 years, my wife and I had the privilege of spending the most of a day with Bro. Miller because he was General Superintendent of the conference. It was a day of not only friendship and fellowship but a time of a Godly man giving advice and council to a couple of what to expect in the pastorate. It was a day we have treasured through our ministry, one thing he told us that day was something to the effect of “You need to have a hobby, so you don’t go crazy”. It wasn’t long after we started pastoring our first church, we had Bro. Miller for revival services. We were blessed with seeing him live the same life in and out of church! Thank the Lord for the help Bro. Miller was to our lives!” —Darvin Donahey

“He finished well!  He preached, pastored, administered, mentored, and modeled, but as the years accumulated, his role switched to less prominent, less active roles.  Then he and his wife faithfully attended, encouraged, prayed, and smiled approvingly.  Graciously, they received the compliments we expressed for their ministry and their example.  Sometimes one could detect his wistful remembrance of when he was able to carry a heavier load, but he resigned himself to do whatever could still be done. Faithful!  ‘Servant of God, Well Done!’ Then what a burst of heartful joy, how easy the breathing, how effulgent the worship, when he discovered, ‘I’m Home!'” —Timothy Cooley Sr.

“Bro Miller — a man of integrity and a man who had a deep passion to study God‘s word. He inspired us to live right and to think deeply about the Word of God. He was a true disciple of Jesus.” —Jacob Martin

“In the 1960s, Rev. Paul Miller along with General Superintendent George Straub and Rev. Arthur Thomas began to dream and lay out the plans for a Bible school in Penns Creek. While standing on the top of the hill, Rev. Thomas exclaimed, ‘Look at that view.’ Rev. Miller responded, ‘Yes! And you can name it Penn View!’ Rev. Paul Miller not only named the school, but served as the chairman of the school board from 1968-1972 and 1985-1996 as he served as the Conference President of God’s Missionary Church. Rev. Miller left a legacy of godliness, faithfulness, consistency, and compassion for all to follow. We will certainly miss him and never forget the impact he made on Penn View as well as my life personally!” —Daniel Durkee