Dear Pastors and Church Family,

I would like to share a bit of news from three of our mission fields.

In July, several of our churches in Haiti got together and conducted a young people’s camp. The camp was held at the Leogane compound and about one hundred youths and adults attended. The camp was organized by the national leader, Pastor Gerald. They asked for help with the expenses, so they were sent $600 from the World Missions fund. The funds were used for food and transportation. We received a detailed account of the expenses.

As for our missions work in the country of Belize, we still have not been able to ship the tractor and implements because of a lack of funds. The tractor is a Massey Ferguson and it is very nice and all paid for. The equipment will be used for farming to help with the expenses of the national church.  The last quote received for a shipping container to fit all the equipment was $4,800.

Today I have been communicating with Pastor Eliabe, the national leader in Brazil. They are in the process of building a larger church building to accommodate their growing congregation. He asked if we could help them buy a chain saw. They use a chain saw to transform trees into building materials, such as a roof beam. The chain saw will cost $600, and it will be used for heavy-duty cutting. Again, we do not have the funds to help them.

I am asking you to help with these needs. First of all, I am asking you to offer sacrifices of prayer. Intercessory prayer is a sacrifice because it takes time and effort. Then I am asking you to pray about what you may be able to give. In the first part of this month, we had just about enough in the missions fund to meet the budget for August.

We will also need funds for future travel. Visiting mission fields is a necessity. In my twenty years of preaching and teaching in foreign fields, I have seen that the people are greatly benefited from the spiritual help they receive when they are visited. So the expense for travel is not just an operational expense but an ongoing project.

May the Lord richly bless you.

In the service of Jesus Christ,
Jose Cancio

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