Oct. 27: Lebanon, we attended the funeral for Victor Kline Jr., father of Karen Kiscadden, our pastor’s wife from Seffner, FL. The service reminded us that God has a plan for every life.

Oct. 28-31: Administrative work, travel notes, and sermon preparation.

Nov. 1: Lebanon (Harvest Home), The church did a wonderful job honoring their pastoral team. There were two children’s presentations to honor both the pastor’s and pastor’s wives. The wives also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  

Nov. 2: Shamokin, Viewing for Ernie Gessner. He will be greatly missed by family and friends. Bro. Gessner’s impact on Beulah Camp cannot be measured by temporal things. The spiritual benefits of camp meetings are life-changing.

Nov.  3-6: I voted and then prayed for our country several times this day. I also did administrative work and sermon preparation for Rome and the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration for Penns Valley Church.

Nov. 7-8: Rome, NY I was privileged to preach at the third-anniversary service of our Rome church. It was exciting to see some who have been there the whole time and then to see new attendees. I also enjoyed a tremendous ham dinner with the church family.

Nov. 10: Penns Creek, GMYC Board meeting preparing for the 2021 Youth Camp.

Nov. 11: Penns Creek, met with a young person to discuss God’s work.

Nov. 12: PVBI Alumni event. Sis. Sally (Sebo) Iovan was voted 2020 Alumnus of the year. We appreciate how God has used Sally at home and in Romania.

Nov. 13: PVBI School Auction. God used the auction to supply needs for the school and Honduras. Honduras had a flood that devastated many houses and churches. We were blessed to watch people donate a lot of food and supplies to Honduras instead of keeping those items for themselves. 

Nov. 14: I hunted in the morning and then met Rhoda to enjoy a meal at the China House Buffet for her birthday. I also worked on “traveling notes from the president” and sermon preparation for tomorrow.

Nov. 15: Penns Valley, I attended the 50th Anniversary Service. Exciting memories were shared by Pastor Andy Cooley, Rev. Tim Cooley Sr., Rev. Jacob Miller, Mr. Wesley Miller, and Rev. Gabriel Morley from the 50 years at this location / church building. The Morley family also shared several specials and I was privileged to speak twice from God’s Word.

Nov. 16-17: Administrative work, sermon preparation and I spent some time at the courthouse to support someone.

Nov 18: Shamokin, Mary is a lady who got saved several years ago at the Sunbury Church. It was a joy to see her again and she now attends the church there faithfully.

Nov. 19-20: Administrative work, studied the PVBI Board of Directors Self Evaluation Forms and made calls to some of our pastors. 

Nov. 21: We were privileged to have the Wes Cressman family (Missionaries to Honduras) and our family for a meal and time of fellowship.

Nov. 22: Penns Creek, PVBI Choir and Orchestra ministered at the Mountain Road Church. God used their testimonies, singing and playing to help us to praise Him. We were also thrilled by how God is still calling young people to PVBI and into His work.

Nov. 23-27: Administrative work, traveling with the president notes and also read a book that had 270 pages dealing with Biblical Answers to today’s tough issues. Rhoda and I also celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with all our family, her parents, and my father.

Nov. 28: PA buck hunting with my son, Chad. We saw some doe but no buck. I also spent a few hours in my study sorting through old paperwork (PVBI classes that I taught years ago).

Nov. 29-Dec. 1: Beavertown outdoor service.  I finished reading the book, “Workman for God” by Oswald Chambers. It was owned by the late Rev. Truman Wise, one of the founders of God’s Missionary Church. I am also reading a couple of books on the history, personalities, and meaning of Christmas.

Dec. 2: PVBI board meeting.

Dec. 3: PVBI staff and faculty Christmas banquet. The food and fellowship were great.

Dec. 4-5: Sermon preparation and continued reading of the Christmas books. I also went out deer hunting and did not see anything. First day of doe hunting in our area. 

Dec. 7-12: Administrative work, I also read a book called the Great Handoff. I sorted through some books in my office and attended the PVBI Businessman’s Banquet. We then enjoyed an amazing Christmas Musical program Penn View put on.

Dec. 14: Camp Hill, Hanover Camp Board met and approved plans for some more improvements on the campgrounds. 

Dec. 15: Duncannon, Home Missions Christmas Banquet. Bro. Jeremy Fuller did a great job organizing the event. Bro. Brian Fuller and his family did an outstanding job playing and singing. Others inspired us by sharing how God is working in their ministries.

Dec. 16-19: Sermon preparation for speaking at the Outreach and Bus Convention in March. 

Dec. 20: We went to Sunbury, GMC to watch our grandchildren participate in their Christmas program. 

Dec. 21-24: Administrative work, setting up pre-services for Sun City Camp, travel notes, and sermon preparation. I also finished a 200-page book called “C is for Christmas” by David and Warren Wiersbe.

Dec. 25: We pray that everyone has a Christ-filled Christmas. Remember, He is Emmanuel. God with us! Merry Christmas to you all.