Dec. 30–Jan. 1: Hobe Sound, Florida, for the beautiful wedding of Jamison & Sarah Plank. We pray that God will continue to use this young couple for His Glory.

Jan. 2: January is always Bible reading month for me. I read yesterday in the airport a lot and today (Genesis – Exodus). 

Jan. 3: Rebersburg, my service was canceled due to bad weather. I was going to preach on 1 Kings 19:1-7, The Journey of 2021 will be too much for us unless we face the New Year with Holy Purposes, Heartfelt Prayers, Higher Power, and Humble Plodding. 

Jan 4: Salamanca, NY, viewing for Rev. Kenneth E. Watt. I overheard one man say to his daughter, “He was the real deal”. 

Jan. 5–11: Administrative work for Florida, General Board meeting, and the funeral for Kenneth Witmer. I finished reading Bro. Black’s new book, which will be published soon. I also filled a doe tag by shooting my first Flintlock deer. 

Jan. 12–Feb. 3: Sun City, FL, Camp meeting trip. God’s Presence was real. God supplied our needs in a special way. $10,500.00 came from those who could not come to camp this year. Total giving was $29,200. 

Feb. 4–6: I was involved in the rehearsal and wedding of Daniel and Roseanna Hubble. We believe both are going to continue to serve Christ and be a blessing to their church.

Feb. 8–13: Pension board meeting. Administrative work for GMC Ministerial and sermon preparation for speaking for Outreach Convention.

Feb. 15–17: Camp Hebron, GMC Ministerial. Rev. Keith Ledford did an outstanding job ministering the Word of God. He also shared many practical insights during our afternoon sessions. 

Feb. 18–19: Sermon preparation for Sunday and travel notes.

Feb. 21: Lancaster, God is using the Hartman family to minister to many children and families in their outreach ministries.

Feb. 22: Penns Creek, Kids Camp board meeting, and World Missions Zoom Board Meeting. We appreciate their vision and commitment to God’s work.

Feb. 23–24: Penn View School Revival, Rev. Rick Maloyed preached on “We are made in God’s image.” He exhorted and encouraged all the young people to remember “we are all valuable to God.”

Feb. 25–27: Sermon prep for Sunday and Outreach Convention.

Feb. 26: It was a privilege to be at Rebersburg and Mountain Road. We appreciated the good spirit in each of the churches and the liberty to share God’s word.

March 1–5: UBC for Outreach and Bus Convention. I was honored to be the main speaker this year. We thank God for all the wonderful sessions to equip and encourage us to do God’s work.

March 7: Blue Knob, we appreciated the great meal and fellowship with the McCarty’s after church.

Lewistown, it was wonderful to see Sis Donahey in God’s house. Keep praying for her.

March 8–13: PVBI Board Meeting, the preachers and teachers played a basketball game against the high school boys. I also had a Home Mission board meeting and a lot of administrative work this week. I also went to the headquarter building to work.

March 14: Newport, I appreciated all the kind comments about the sermon. I have really enjoyed talking with people in the vestibule in each of our churches.

March 15: Sermon prep for my revival meeting in Ohio.

March 16: GMYC board meeting for final preparation of our youth camp. We believe God is going to save, encourage and call young people to Bible school and into His work.

March 17–22: Era, Ohio for a revival meeting. Pastor Hunter and Pastor Bud did a good job inviting some new ones out to Revival. We praise God for some new people out to the services. 

March 23–25: Work at the Headquarters building and sermon preparation for our Revival in Chambersburg.

March 26–28: Chambersburg Revival. It was thrilling to see around 110 different Children, youth and adults come out on the Lord’s day.

March 30: Sermon preparation for a Good Friday service.

March 31: Sunbury, Revival with Rev. Eric Kuhns. He preached a serious and challenging message “To set your house in order.”

April 1: General Board meeting, we appreciate their passion and wisdom in directing our conference.

April 2: Penns Valley, Good Friday Communion Service. Rev. Josh Neidermyer shared about “The Roman Cross”, Rev. Michael McMillan “The Rustic Cross,” Rev. Jacob Martin “The Royal Cross” and many specials that brought us into God’s presence.

April 3: I went trout fishing in the morning and caught 3. When finished with fishing went to mow the lawn at the headquarters building.

April 4: I went to visit Rev. Gerald Moore in the Lewisburg hospital. It was nice to talk to him this Easter Sunday. There are better days ahead for the child of God.

April 5–10: New Mexico and Arizona, IHC convention. Host Pastors Nathen Bryant and Stuart Wheeler did an excellent job hosting the convention. My co-workers—the Nathan Shockley family—also ministered effectively. I was blessed to see several friends that have moved out west who came to the convention.

April 11: Berwick, it was exciting to preach to some new people in the service. 

April 12–16: IHC in Gatlinburg, TN, God moved in some incredible ways; in the offerings, singing, and preaching. I was so blessed and encouraged by Bro. Miranda’s final message.

April 18: Coopersburg, I appreciated how everyone seemed to give something in the offering, and then the usher bowed his head and gave a simple quiet prayer over the plate.

New Columbia, it was nice to preach to a good Sunday night crowd. The song service and testimonies added a lot to the service.

April 19: General Board Meeting. We opened election ballots and I called each pastor with the results. I also mowed the headquarters building today.

April 20–21: PVBI Founders Banquet. We appreciated the great giving, meal, and fellowship. It was a joy to have Bro. Phil Case and his wife spend a couple of nights. He drives the Hobe Sound College Bus for their Choir services. I also did administrative work and travel notes.