April 22: Williamsport Hospital to visit Sis Rachel Plank who had surgery. Everything seemed to go well. We appreciate her and the blessing she has been to our conference for so many years. Rev. Solomon Shaffer and I also looked at over 20 churches and searched the city for locations for Home Missions. Where does God want us to start future churches?

April 23–24: Administrative work, travel notes and sermon preparation.

April 25: Pillow, PA – I was excited to be greeted by a new greeter at the church. New ones finding a place to serve. The wife is a good cook who can make food or cookies when it is needed.

April 26: Shamokin Dam, PA – I met with one of our pastors to discuss his future ministry plans.

April 27: Penn’s Creek, PA for a Penn’s Creek Camp board meeting. We thank God for their vision and involvement in our camp.

April 28: Fogelsville, PA to discuss with a Pastor our next steps at his church. I also met with a preacher at my home to discuss joining GMC In the evening, Rhoda and I went to Glen Iron Pilgrim Holiness Church for Revival service. Rev. Nathan Walter and family did a great job ministering in the service.

April 29: I went fishing and ended up catching and releasing 10 bass. I also went to my fathers to play games.

April 30–May 1: PVBI Campus Days and school picnic. Let’s pray that God will call young people to PVBI.

May 2: York, PA – I was privileged to preached to around 40 people in the morning service. We thank God for the good response to His Word.

May 3: PVBI Music Recital (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) I have always been amazed at how dedicated teachers and talented hard-working musicians can develop their skills in a few short years. Our granddaughter played a piece on the piano.

May 4–5: Administrative work, travel notes, went to the Gospel Center in Lebanon for their Revival service. God used Anson Shuey, a High School Senior, in a powerful way as he sang and played his saxophone. Rev. Harry Plank preached a wonderful message on Jesus word’s to “come.” Several sought the Lord around the alter.

May 6: I went to our Headquarters Building to be involved in our prayer walk. This was organized to be on the National Day of Prayer. Thanks to Sis Denise Fisher and her family for getting everything ready.

May 7: PVBI Auction, a special thanks goes to a host of people who make this fundraiser possible. The food and fellowship were great.

May 8: Beavertown, PA – a few general board members met to open some election ballots. I then called each pastor to update them on the results. I spent most of the day in my study doing conference work.

May 10–15: Administrative work, sermon prep, I also mowed and trimmed the Headquarters Building. I was involved in an ABHE & PVBI School Board meeting by phone.

May 16: Delmar, MD – I preached and directed the services. We appreciated the good testimonies and their deep love for the pastoral family.

May 17–22: Administrative work, sermon prep, PVBI graduation.

May 23: Hanover, PA – Preached and had a committee meeting and church meal in the fellowship hall.

Mahaffey, Blessed by two notes from a couple of the preacher’s sons.

May 24–29: I called several pastors and watched my son in law, Daniel, put a fuel pump in my truck. Sermon prep and travel notes.

May 30: Delmar, MD – I was privileged to preach to a nice group who were there to support the Stigall family. Rev. Jeb Stigall decided to share during S.S. a powerful lesson he had been learning on ‘Thy will be done.”

May 31: Rhoda and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. Rhoda’s parents, all our children and spouses and grandchildren came over for a wonderful cookout etc.

June 1: PVBI board meeting & viewing for Elianna & Joanna Stigall. Twin daughters of Rev. and Mrs. Jeb Stigall.

June 2: Delmar, MD – Funeral for Elianna & Joanna Stigall. God was there in a special way ministering through each one who had a part.

June 3–7: Colorado Springs, CO for our annual Western District rally and conference. God surely used the Rev. Frank Heidler family to minister in Word and song. The hospitality of Sis Kearney and her helpers was great.

June 8–12: Pension Board meeting, participated in the GMYC cleanup day. I also went up to the Mt of blessing campground then mowed the headquarters building. This week I had a lot of administrative work to catch up on from being away.

June 14–18: GMYC, A new record attendance of 274.  God moved in a special way. Young people were saved, sanctified, and encouraged to be bold for God.

June 19–27: I went to an auction sale where most of the proceeds will be going to PVBI. Home Mission board meeting, we were also privileged to have Rev. Shane Hunter Family at our home for a meal. I was able to have a great morning and meal with 2 ministerial students, Cameron Going and Hunter Anderson. God is going to use both young men in a special way. I spent the weekend as MC of the Mt of Blessing Camp Meeting.