May 31: Rhoda and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. I was part of a zoom call for an Outreach & Bus convention tract meeting.

June 1: PVBI Board meeting and I preached at our Shamokin Church in the evening. 

June 3-June 6: Colorado Springs, CO for our Western District and Rally. Rev. Paul Ryan did an excellent job preaching on courage and the Bible itself. I was also privileged to preach twice myself. The Kearney’s and people of the church always shine in hospitality. We are excited to report that the district also voted to send back to the conference $13,000 which will enable us to pay off our headquarters building.

June 7: Lebanon, I went to visit Rev. Barry Arnold who has been battling cancer. God has used Bro. Arnold to touch so many lives, including mine. We had a wonderful time and then prayed together.

June 8: Penns Creek, I preached and then held the pastoral election.      Rev. Allen Stump was voted in as pastor and has accepted.

June 9-11: Penns Creek, I went to help at GMYC set up day.  I also did sermon prep and made a lot of phone calls.

June 12: Danville, PVBI quartet did an excellent job singing. I preached in the evening at Camp Hill. Their pastor was away for the day. 

June 13-17: Youth Camp – Rev. John Manley did an excellent job preaching and young people sought God throughout the youth camp. The new devotional, “Against the Grain”, is a daily devotional for teens and is outstanding. There were 64 different persons that contributed articles from our youth camp personnel. A copy was given to each camper as they left to be a tool to help them live victorious for Christ.

June 18: Sermon preparation, mowing grass and trimming bushes. 

June 19: Camp Hill for Father’s Day morning. The congregation is always easy to preach to! Penns Valley, I preached and held a pastoral election. Rev. Nathan Walter was voted in and has accepted.  

June 20-25: Penns Creek, General Board meeting. Chambersburg, I went to Camp Robinhood and listened to Rev. John Ingram preach a good message on “No Wine”. He reminded us that Jesus will fill us. I went to the Headquarters building to sweep and mop while Rhoda worked on other things. Mt. of Blessing Camp started with Rev. Rodney Loper preaching a good message out of Psalm 139:23, “Search me, Oh God”. The padded pews in the front of the tabernacle look great.

June 26: Filled in at Shamokin Church then attended Mt. of Blessing Camp in the evening.

June 27- July 3: Administrative work and sermon preparation for Stoneboro Youth Convention and the Sunday messages. Attended Mt. of Blessing camp meeting again and preached twice at our Shamokin Church.

July 4-9: Spent some family time on the 4th and then went to our Hanover Camp. Rev. Greg Hobelman preached a challenging message about keeping our GMC heritage alive. I took an intern from Beavertown church out to eat and talked to him about GMC and God’s work. I also helped to get things ready for a Memorial Service at our headquarters building.

July 10: Beulah Camp with Dr. Allen Brown and song evangelist, Joe Carey family. Oakland Mills Camp with Bro. Fulton and the Greg Miller family each did a great job ministering to the camp meeting crowd.

July 12: Penn View, Penns Creek Camp, and General Board all met for a planning meeting about our Penns Creek properties. The goal is to develop a master plan that we can work together on for our conference. We believe that God has some exciting days ahead for GMC.

July 13-17: Stoneboro Youth Convention. Rev. Andrew Stroud and I were the main speakers. Rev. Johnathan Bell was the morning class speaker. God moved in a powerful way, and many were saved, sanctified, and encouraged to follow Christ. The theme was Victory!

July 18-23: Pension Board meeting, I also went to Kids Camp in Hanover. A new record-150 children. God used Rev. McMillian on Wednesday night to give an altar call and the children responded well. Praise God! We had 61 show up for our Penns Creek Camp workday. Thanks so much! It was greatly appreciated!

July 24: Shamokin for both services. We have learned to love and appreciate each one.

July 25: Sunbury for the viewing and funeral of Bro. George Wolfgang. He was one of my all-time favorite men of God. God used him as he taught the adult Sunday School class, testified, and led song service on Sunday evenings. 

July 26-27: PVBI board meeting, final preparations for GMC conference and preached at Camp Hill.

July 28-Aug. 8: We had a wonderful conference and camp. God used Rev. James Plank, Rev. Rodney Loper, Rev. Mark Hunter, and the McDowell family. A lot of people were saved, sanctified, and encouraged to keep following God. God’s presence was special throughout the camp!