Oct. 3-8: Administrative work, travel with President notes and sermon preparation. 

Oct. 9: Lebanon, Harvest Home. Preached twice. The church always does a great job honoring their Pastoral team. Thanks to the Shuey’s for the wonderful lunch and friendship. 

Oct. 11-14: Knightstown, IN to visit some of our GMC ministers. Spent the night with Steve and Cindy Davis who have been great friends for many years. I visited his brother-in-law, Rev. John Gilley, who God uses to be a blessing as online Pastor of our Beavertown Church. The next day I visited Rev. George Maloyed. God was using him to pray and be a witness to others at the Nursing Home. He always inspires me to let my light and life shine for Jesus. I also went up to Union Bible College for their World Changers event. 

Oct. 15: Beavertown Church for the funeral of Sis. Jeannie Stanton who was the mother of Rev. Justin Stanton. His mother was tremendous church secretary. Her faithfulness and fun will be missed by all.

Oct. 16: Sunbury, I preached both services of their Harvest Home. Rev. Keith Bunch was surprised when Pastor Ryan Martin took over part of the service. Pastor Ryan and others honored him for 15 years of Ministry. 

Oct. 17: Pension Board meeting. 

Oct. 18: Travel notes and making phone calls.

Oct. 19: PVBI board meeting. God is helping President Durkee and the school to make progress in areas of campus improvements.

Oct. 20: Ministerial director Rev. Keith Bunch invited me to speak to the PVBI ministerial students on the subject “The Pastor and his role in Evangelism”. 

Oct. 21: Sermon preparation.

Oct. 22: I was able to fill a doe tag with an in-line muzzleloader. 

Oct. 23: Blue Knob, I was privileged to preach and then enjoy an excellent meal with the Rev. Aaron McCarty family.

Oct. 24-29: Administrative work, which included talking to Rev. Sid Grant about our partnership in Lakeland, FL (Spanish Church). New updates on the parsonage and a new pastor are there to try to dig out the work. I also attended a Home Mission Board meeting. Souls are being saved and new people being reached with the gospel. 

Oct. 30: Beavertown Church for their Harvest Home service. I preached on Seek Him – Find Him. We thank God for those who responded and went to the altar. 

Oct. 31: General Board Meeting and then I went to visit Rev. Bill Herrick who has been in a lot of physical challenges. Please keep him in your prayers.

Nov. 1-5: Administrative work, I also spent a lot of time in preparing and praying for a meeting this week. A church is thinking about joining us. I also raked leaves at the headquarters building. 

Nov. 6: Chambersburg, Hamilton Heights Church. It was exciting to preach to 61 in attendance. God is working in a special way right now. In the evening I went to Helfenstein to represent GMC to the Friendly Holiness Church. 

Nov. 7-12: I shot a six-point buck, voted, and went to the Penn View Homecoming, where they honored Sis. Adams as PVBI Alumnus of the year. What a wonderful blessing she has been to God’s Kingdom down through the years. It was also great to be at Penn View’s Christmas Benefit Auction. Thanks Bro. Leonard Raub for all your labors to make this happen each year. We also had a surprise 60th birthday party for Rhoda. Many friends and family showed up. 

Nov. 13-19: Vacation week 

Nov. 20: Millmont, I preached to 80 people. This was a great number especially with some being away and others sick. New Columbia, God is helping in their new Sunday night outreach efforts. The bus is running, and kids are riding. 

Nov. 21-26: Administrative work, all our family was over for Thanksgiving. I went hunting with our son, Chad and he shot a nice doe on the opening day of gun season. I was involved in sermon preparation for the weekend. 

Nov. 27: Lehighton, GMC, it was so exciting to have 4 new adults and one new teenager in the morning service. One new man met Pastor Todd Carter and I in the back of the church and started sharing with us his story with tears in his eyes.

               Alum Bank, God’s Missionary Church, this church has been a tremendous blessing to our youth camp for many years. Thank you, Pastor Tim Ellis, for the opportunity to preach at the church.

Nov. 28- Dec. 3: Administrative work, raked leaves at our headquarters building. I also went to the PV & New Columbia Christmas meals.

Dec. 4: Alexandria, I preached and then Rhoda and I took a tour of the new all-purpose building. Wonderful job, Rev. Matt Peachey, and people.

Dec. 5-10: Devotional for our H.M. Pastor’s, a pheasant hunt with them and a H.M. Christmas banquet. I also went to visit Rev. Mike Hoskins at the Greenville Hospital. We attended a funeral for a 17-year-old girl named Chrissy. 

We also attended the PV Businessmen’s Banquet and the PV Christmas Program. 

Dec. 11-25: Beavertown program and Sunbury’s Christmas program to watch our grandchildren. I went to the funeral of Sis. Linda Aurand and Bro. Joel Jackson who were both faithful to their God and their families. I also went to Delmar, Maryland Christmas Eve and preached at the church on Christmas morning.