Jan. 01: Helfenstein, Exciting news! The Friendly Holiness Church has joined GMC!!! 

I preached there twice.

Jan. 02-07: Rhoda and I attended the beautiful 30th anniversary party for the Durkee’s. I also attended a PVBI board meeting along with administrative work for our upcoming FL District Camp.

Jan. 08: Rhoda and I attended the viewing and funeral of Rev. Harry Plank’s mother, Hazel Plank. Everyone did a great job honoring her.

Jan 09-11: Pension Board, General Board and a planning committee meeting this week to further advance God’s Missionary Church. 

Jan. 12- Feb. 03: Florida trip. Traveling, workdays and worship at our Sun City Camp are a highlight of our year. God’s people prayed, testified, gave and our budget of $30,000. was met. God used the Durkee’s and Spanglers to minister effectively through their music and preaching. The Ryan Martin family ministered to the children of the camp. The fellowship around the fire ring at night, mealtime and after services was encouraging and helped us in our spiritual journey. We also stopped by Camp Freedom where Rev. Blake Jones preached a good message. 

Feb. 05: Forest Hill to visit the Evangelical Methodist Church. Pastor Lenhart, who also is their Conference President, did a wonderful job challenging us out of Philippians chapter 2.

Feb. 06-12: Administrative work, I have been getting ready for our G.M.C Ministerial. I also listened to the archives of the Beavertown Youth Convention. Wonderful truths by the preachers, session speakers and musicians. Rhoda and I went to the viewing of Judith Deetz. Please keep her husband, Rev. David Deetz, in your prayers.

Rev. Jeremey Fuller and I met for breakfast to discuss God’s work together. I also have been preparing sermons for a traveling IHC in Ohio and the New York Pilgrims Ministerial.

Feb. 13-15: Halifax, G.M.C. Ministerial, God used our speakers, Rev. John and Cathy Parker, to encourage and equip us to do God’s work. Congratulations to Rev. Jeff Stratton who was voted in as our 2023 “Minister of the Year”. The fellowship inside and outside of church was wonderful. God met with us!

Feb 16: Hershey Medical Center to visit Rev. Ken Walter who had to have surgery to remove his gallbladder. All went well.

Feb. 17-20: Administrative work, Sermon preparation for upcoming speaking engagements. Rhoda and I also attended the Oakland Mills Evangelical Methodist Church. Pastor Nathaniel Mowery shared an excellent Bible study on Christian Holiness. 

Feb. 21-25: Traveling IHC in Ohio, I was privileged to speak in four different churches and minister with the Mike Mayhle family and AWC. All four of the ministerial students did great preaching. God’s presence and help was greatly appreciated by all of us. 

Feb. 26: Rhoda and I visited Richfield Evangelical Methodist Church and the Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in Gratz. We enjoyed both services. I appreciate how both churches have supported our camp and school down through the years.

Feb. 27- March 04: Annual Preachers and Staff basketball game against the high school. The older ones won with the help of some of our young preachers. A couple of the high school young men did extremely well. I also went to visit New Columbia revival meeting where Rev. Stanley Graybill challenged us to live in the presence of God. I continued with more sermon preparation for the PH Ministerial.

March 05: Rhoda and I visited the Glen Iron Pilgrim Holiness Church. We appreciated God’s presence during the prelude music. The pianist was playing “Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary”. We then sang the chorus a couple times. Rev. David Walter preached a wonderful message on the subject “We see Jesus” from Hebrews 2:9-18.

March 06-10: Outreach and Bus Convention on the campus of UBC. Rev. David Spivey’s message on God doing “new things” really challenged me. The sessions were practical and helpful. God’s presence came near during the congregational singing and special songs. 

March 11-13: Sermon preparation and a GMYC zoom board meeting.

March 14-19: Bird Lake, Michigan, I held a revival meeting at the Bird Lake Wesleyan Missionary Church. The singers, Nathan West family, did an excellent job in every area of ministry. I also preached one morning for chapel at the Christian school. I enjoyed playing basketball with the youth group and others Friday night in their gym. A special Thanks to Bro. Larry and everyone else who made my stay very comfortable. 

March 20: General Board and a Crusaders Youth Board meeting. Rev. Darren Fisher and board are working together well to encourage and engage our GMC young people to follow God and be involved in God’s work. 

March 21-23: Montrose, PA for the New York Pilgrim Ministerial. I spoke 4 times and Rhoda spoke once to the ladies. Rev. John Peabody Jr., Conference President, opened the Ministerial with a challenging and anointed message. The 5–10-minute updates from different churches were inspiring. God is working. 

March 24: PVBI meeting and attended the Sunbury GMC revival meeting where Rev. Chris Cravens shared his life story. God used the message, and some responded to the altar for themselves and some to pray for others.