​Sep. 17: Attended the Berwick church. It was great to see several new faces in the service! We also received a special picture that was designed using a God’s Missionary Standard. It has found a home in my study. 
Attended the Jackson church. It was our privilege to speak at the church and share a meal at Bro. & Sis. Majors’ house. Keep praying for these older saints of God. A special thanks is in order to the Wise family which goes to Jackson every week to minister in the 4:00 PM service.

Sep. 19: Attended General Board and Penns Creek Camp board meetings today. We accomplished a lot. Our focus in our camp board meeting was to go over every part of our camp and look for weaknesses and strengths. We not only made suggestions but put people and things in place to make our camp better next year.
Sep. 21-23: Attended IMF in Pell City, Alabama. Shared with 70 young ministerial students about God’s Missionary Church. I was also involved in a few panel discussions. Friday evening found me playing a little basketball with some of the young men. Pray with me that God will help these ministerial students to stay true to God and His calling.

Sep. 24: Attended Penn’s Valley Revival. Rev. Durkee preached an effective message on the second coming. Let us be and stay ready.
Sep. 25: Attended a Pension Board meeting in Penns Creek. We appreciate a new church joining the pension fund. Thanks for supporting the “old timers.”
Sep. 27: Attended Forest Hill Evangelical Methodist Church. Rev. Lenhart did a tremendous job warning about false doctrine.
Sep. 26-29: Focus on administrative work: travel Notes, sermon preparation, calls and text follow up from board meeting actions.
Sep. 30: Took a day off to go hunting with my son and son-in law. I was able to fill an antlerless tag. It’s always great to be outside and slow down and see God’s wonderful world.
Oct. 1: Attended the Alexander church. We were excited about the Mini Bus the church purchased for ministry. You can sense the unity between the pastoral family and church.
Let us all labor for the Master.