by Jacob Martin

I recently completed my second year as conference president. During that time, I have tried to carefully assess our conference and gather information for use in conversations and board meetings. The best way that I know to share my vision for our conference is to highlight goals for several of our conference departments. We are at the beginning of a journey.

World Missions

My vision for our World Mission Department has been consistent with Bro. Paulus in developing a conference model for leadership in Haiti. This took place in February of this year when the ministers voted-in their own conference board. We believe that in the long term this will help to produce a stronger church in Haiti. Pray with me that our leaders will serve their people in humility and love.

The Western District

My vision for the Western District is that it would grow in unity, especially unity of mission. It has been a growing process trying to sort out the details of a camp meeting property.

My vision for the Western District is that it would grow in unity of mission.

We have made progress with funds given for youth events during the year. These fellowship times strengthen the relationships between the churches. We have also appointed a youth leader. The District Christians are caring and giving to the Walker family in Denver and helping Bro. Lawren Hunt in Pueblo.

​Our special services and annual conference have strengthened our friendships and love one for another.

The General Board

My vision along with the General board was to take a serious look at our web site and online presence. Our new Media Ministry comes out of our strong desire to make a serious investment of time and money to use this as a tool to reach and disciple this generation. Rev. Johnathan Arnold was appointed as Director of Media Ministries. He and his committee are doing an excellent job to make this dream a reality.

The Florida District

My Vision along with the local churches and district board was to strengthen our young people. We appointed our first district youth leader. Bro. Andy Heintzelman started some youth rallies inviting not only our churches but other holiness churches. He also used the camp grounds during the year for special two-day sessions.

We must use all the resources and personnel we can to see God’s work advanced. Partnering with other holiness groups is a good option. 

Our Vision was to use our camp meeting grounds more. This led us to discuss planting a Spanish church. After much prayer and discussion, we felt that our best plan of action would be partnering with Hope International Missions.  They provided the pastor and our Florida District provided the home and church on our campground. HIM also provided a caretaker for the grounds. Bro. Cancio, Bro. Paulus, and our world mission department have been involved in discussions and decisions. The church was launched on September 3, 2017.

We must use all the resources and personnel we can to see God’s work advanced. Partnering with other holiness groups is a good option. 

Home Missions

My Vision along with our Home Mission Director, Rev. Jeremy Fuller is to plant new churches. We are currently partnering with the New York Pilgrim Holiness Church in Rome, NY.  We have people in that area who want a God’s Missionary Church to attend.

We are purchasing a church and parsonage.  The pilgrims will supply one of their pastors for around two years to help us plant this church. This will be like an internship for this pastor who is also on their Home Missions Board. He will gain experience and firsthand knowledge of how to start a new church. If Jesus tarries he will be used of God to start a new Pilgrim Church or be better prepared to advise on how to start and develop a new church plant.

Penn View Bible Institute

My responsibilities have included overseeing the election process of the next president of our school. We were pleased when Rev. Daniel Durkee was elected and accepted to become the next President of PVBI. He has modeled in his life and ministry our mission statement: “To prepare Christ-like servant leaders through higher education that engages spiritual transformation, academic excellence, social integrity, and practical experience, in the conservative Wesleyan-Arminian tradition to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission.”

We believe the future is bright because God is helping and leading us! 

I believe by God’s grace and help President Elect Rev. Dan Durkee and I will continue to contend for servant leaders. In my role as Director of the school board I have become convinced there are two other areas that we need to address in a stronger way.

First, we need to raise the $500,000 Endowment. This is the amount needed before we can aspire for degree granting. In order to reach more young people, I believe that offering degrees is very important. Bro. Cooley, Bro. Zechman, and Bro. Shuey have labored in this effort, developing a plan to satisfy this endowment. Let us pray for wisdom for completing this important task. If you are able, please give! Stay tuned for plans on how we can reach our goals.

Sometimes priorities or supporters determine projects. We thank God for all those who have given to the Mason-McIntire Student Life Center. We believe in this project and the blessing it will be to our school when it is finished. When the M&M building is finished, we need to develop a long-range plan for new staff housing and remodeling of existing homes. We appreciate all our employees and the blessing they are to PVBI.

We believe the future is bright because God is helping and leading us!