Dec. 4: Administrative work.
Dec. 7-10: Lakeland, FL to visit Bro. Handfield. His wife passed away unexpectedly. Please keep him in your prayers. Sis Handfield will be greatly missed. We appreciated her faithfulness to God and love for her church family.
Dec. 11: Harrisburg, Rhoda and I went to the Home Mission Christmas banquet. What a great update and meal. Each pastor shared how there had been new people in church and how someone had been saved in each church. This is truly the reason for the season!
Dec. 12: Beavertown, I assisted Pastor Shaffer in moving boxes to his new house.
Dec. 14-15: Viewings and Funeral for Sis Darlene Handfield. A life well lived. Thanks to our conference family, Bro. Handfield’s family and friends for all the love and support that was shown. We were also privileged to have Sis Darlene’s brother and 4 sisters stay with us for two nights. We made some new friends and good memories in this difficult time.
Dec. 16: Administrative work (writing, sermon preparation).
Dec. 17: Lewistown, we appreciated the good report of a couple new children in the morning service. This was a tip from Bro. Gordan Kinkaid who goes to another one of our churches. Great teamwork!

Dec. 18-23: Administrative Work (writing article, prep. for FL, travel notes, scheduling Conference President visits).

Dec. 25: What a blessing to have all our children and grandchildren for Christmas!

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