Nine books on holiness that Dr. Cooley recommends to every serious seeker and student of the Word.
  1. Counterpoint: dialogue with Drury on the Holiness MovementDrury, Keith; Taylor, Richard; Collins, Kenneth; Thornton, Wallace Jr. 2005 Schmul: Salem, OH. Counterpoint presents a vigorous discussion of how to be faithful to the holiness message.
  2. Holiness and the Human Element by H. A. Baldwin. 1919, 1953. Beacon Hill: Kansas City, MO. Baldwin’s perspective from the early 1900s gives an important flavor to his expressing this concern.
  3. Helps to Holiness by Samuel Brengle. Brengle was a gracious example of a leader giving grandfatherly instruction on holiness. 1896, 1965. Salvationist Publishing: London.
  4. Scriptural Freedom from Sin by Henry Brockett. 1941, 1941. Beacon Hill: Kansas City, MO.  Brockett distinguishes Biblical Wesleyan holiness from the Keswickian interpretation.
  5. Holiness and High Country by A. F. Harper. 1964, 1964. Beacon Hill: Kansas City, MO.  Harper’s devotional includes a section that is helpful in providing a daily meditation for people as they seek entire sanctification. 
  6. Gospel of the Comforter by Daniel Steele is an important read. Be sure to secure a copy of Schmul’s reprint which contains much that was eliminated in another publication of this title. 1960, 1960. Schmul: Rochester, PA 
  7. Life in the Spirit by Richard S. Taylor. 1966, 1969. Beacon Hill: Kansas City, MO
  8. A Plain Account of Christian Perfection by John Wesley. 1952, 1968. Epworth Press: London.
  9. The Call: Essays to the Conservative Holiness Movement by Michael Avery and Larry Smith. This book, published in 2013 by the Revivalist Press: Cincinnati, OH offers important insights for our day.
Additionally, consider Christian Faith in the OT by Gareth Cockerill, published by Thomas Nelson. The Epistle to the Hebrews (New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT)) 2012 offers valuable insights on holiness. For more recommendations, consider the 30 holiness texts highlighted in the Wesley Study Bible. 

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Dr. Timothy Cooley, Sr. ​is the Academic Dean of Penn View Bible Institute. He serves as an Advisory Member for the General Board. Formerly, he pastored the Newport and Pillow God’s Missionary churches.