“As Christians, we honor and commission men and women to give their best, yes to give all to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ!” (Dr. Timothy L. Cooley, Academic Dean)

“The Bible is our manual for life and ministry.” (Dr. Timothy L. Cooley)

“Whatever happens, do right.” (John Zechman, President Emeritus)

“Mediocre work never propels people to greatness.” (Brent Lenhart, Principal, PVCA)

“God Himself must be the ultimate goal of your life.” (Leonard Sankey, Commencement Speaker)

The only success worth acheiving is to love and serve God.

“Scripture is the only objective standard which we have to guide us.” (Leonard Sankey)

“We find God and mind His will in His Word. Diligence to the Word of God is its own paymaster.” (Leonard Sankey)

“Finding God’s future for your life does not come by daydreaming, but by seeking God with all of your heart.” (Leonard Sankey)

“The answer to the wonderings of your mind, ‘where will I be in five or twenty-five years?’ is based on your determination to seek and do the will and Word of God.” (Leonard Sankey)

​“Never lose sight of the fact that as long as you are in the hands of God, He is projecting for you a future and a hope.”  (Leonard Sankey)

“God is persistent. He does not easily give up on us.” (Renee Hock, Valedictorian, PVBI)

“The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and missing our mark, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” (Jeffrey McDowell, Salutatorian, PVBI, quoting Michelangelo)

God Himself must be the ultimate goal of your life.

“The only success worth achieving is to love and serve God.” (Regina Hoffman, Valedictorian, PVCA)

“The greatest investor in our lives is God.” (Regina Hoffman)

“Graduation isn’t the end. It’s just the end of the first chapter of the story of our lives.” (Laura Sprenkel, Salutitorian, PVCA)