Devotional by John Manley 

Read: Genesis 22

One of the most chilling experiences recorded in the Old Testament comes in Genesis 22 when God tells Abraham to take his son, his only son Isaac, whom he loves to Mt. Moriah and offer him for a burnt offering.

A casual reader of the Scriptures is amazed at the swift obedience of Abraham to carry out this audacious command from God. But what one must keep in mind is that, at this stage in life, Abraham had been walking by faith for nearly 100 years and he had learned to trust God’s heart, even when it did not make sense to him.

Obviously, Abraham had learned that when God said “go” or “do”, he didn’t have to figure it all out at the moment. On this momentous day recorded in Genesis 22, Abraham reminds us that, while we only see one side of our mountain at a time, God sees both sides of the mountain. 

I see…

  • My side
  • Questions
  • Sacrifice
  • Testing
  • Partial understanding

God sees…

  • The other side
  • Answers
  • Supply
  • Triumph
  • Full understanding

Our job is to obey, trust, and climb. At the appointed time Jehovah-jireh, our God Who sees all and supplies all our needs, will meet us on the mountain.