God’s Missionary Church is writing an exciting new chapter of progress with the acquisition of an historic church building in Penns Creek.  Built in 1886, the building was offered at a reasonable price out of respect for the contribution of Penn View Bible Institute, Penns Creek Camp, and God’s Missionary Church in the village of Penns Creek across many years.  Earlier the General Board and others had discussed the need for a conference headquarters, but the price of new construction set that out of reach.  This purchase was the right opportunity.

The General Board plans multiple uses for the facility including:

  • A headquarters building right along Route 104 with signage to make God’s Missionary more visible to the public
  • Conference rooms for board meetings and other assemblies
  • Offices for the Conference President and others in leadership
  • Central location for archives and conference resources
  • Penn View Ministerial office and classroom as well as a sanctuary where preaching and special services could be practiced
  • Gatherings for pastors and wives
  • Special prayer meetings

We praise God for this remarkable opportunity and pray for wisdom to manage the new resources effectively.