Nov. 12-13: Administrative work

Nov. 14: Milesburg Revival Mtg., Rev. Daniel Durkee challenged us to share forgiveness.

Nov. 16: Penns Creek, Planning meeting on how to use our new GMC Conference Headquarters.

Nov. 18: Danville, I went to Geisinger Hospital to visit Jenna Durkee who is expecting a baby soon.

Nov. 19-20: Weston, West Virginia: I took a couple days off to hunt with my son and some friends. My son shoot a buck and doe and I shot a nice doe.

Nov. 21: Bro. John Zechman and I signed papers for the purchase of a property in Penns Creek to be our GMC Conference Headquarters. We are excited about this opportunity to have our own identity in Penns Creek.

Nov. 22-23: Thanksgiving time with family and friends. I didn’t go out like some of you on Black Friday to shop.

Nov. 24: Administrative work. I spent time with sermon preparation, paper work and preparation for future board meetings.

Nov. 25: Mahaffey, Exciting to have the Mahaffey Church back in our conference. I went to fill in for the day. We are now trying to find them a pastor.

Nov. 27: Hershey Hospital, Bro. Leonard Raub was involved in a car accident. Millersburg, Rev. Dorthey Straight was just put on Hospice care.

Nov. 28: Selinsgrove, Rhoda and I visited a friend in the Nursing Home. He had attended the Beavertown church with us many times. He has a Prayer Bear (that sings) that reminded us God hears us when we pray.

Nov. 29: Penns Creek, PVBI Board meeting & PVBI Staff Christmas Banquet at Country Cupboard. We appreciate the great team that God has given to our school.

Nov. 30: Pastor James Winter watched Bro. John Zechman and I sign papers for the purchase of a Church two miles from Lancaster, PA.

Dec. 1: Sermon preparation.

Dec. 2: Mahaffey: “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift”. Jesus is a personal, practical, pleasing and should be a permanent gift.

Dec. 3-5: Administrative work, sermon and funeral preparations.

Dec. 6: Meeting with Rev. Dorthey Straight’s family for funeral details. It was a privilege to have Rev. Ken and Eileen Gordon stay at our home for the evening. They came from Indiana for the Christmas Musical.

Dec. 7-8: Gratz, Viewing and Funeral for Rev. Dorothy Straight. She was a faithful minister for 40 years. She had a great spirit of hospitality and a great sense of humor.

Lewistown Hospital, to see Jamison Plank. I was not able to see him because he was having a procedure done.

Penn View Businessmen’s Meal and Musical, it was an inspiration and inspired us to keep focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

Dec. 9: Mahaffey, The Shepherds heard, hastened, and heralded the message. May God help us to do likewise.

Dec. 10: Harrisburg, GMC Home Mission Banquet. A great update from our Home Missionary pastors. God is working in special ways right now in our conference. Special thanks go to the Fuller Family for their leadership and love for God’s work.

Dec. 11-14: Administrative Work, I also developed a new message and worked on a conference message for this coming year. It was exciting to spend some extra time in the study developing sermon ideas.

Dec. 16: Sunbury Christmas program, our grandchildren and others did a great job with their pieces and program.

Dec. 17-19: Administrative work, Scheduling for speakers for our FL District Camp and pre-service along with Mahaffey. I also gave a tour for a few people at the new headquarters building. Enjoyed seeing the new floor in our Gym at PVBI. Now that’s exciting! I’m looking forward to playing some basketball with the young guys.

Dec. 20-21: Lewisburg Hospital, our daughter had twins today—McKenna and Jackson Sanford. We thank God they are all doing well.

Dec. 22: Sermon Preparation

Dec. 23: Mahaffey, was able to share about Emmanuel-God with us! We were given a special Christmas Angel Ornament made by a 99-year-old man.

Dec. 25: We were privileged to have Rhoda’s parents and the Knapp’s with us for a Christmas meal.

Dec. 27-30: Kissimmee, FL, Attended the funeral for Bro. George Fink, Stepfather of Rev. Jonas Hight. Bro. Fink loved to teach Math and the Bible.

Dec. 31: Worked on travel notes. We thank God for his presence and grace that he has given to us this year. We anticipate more victories and His continued help in the coming year.