Oct. 21: Penns Creek, Home Mission & General Board meetings today. We appreciate the collective wisdom and zeal for God’s work.

Oct. 22- 24: Administrative work, sermon prep, travel notes, and I preached at our Blue Knob Church.

Oct. 25: Beavertown, we attended the beautiful wedding of Jason and Susannah Blowers.

Oct. 26-28: Wauneta, NE to honor Rev. Gary & Becky Hunt for 20 faithful years of service to the church. The church family did a wonderful job showing their love and appreciation.

Oct. 29: Bluffton, IN. Viewing for Dana Roberts, father to Lynnette Walter.

Oct. 30: Danville, I went to Geisinger hospital to visit Rev. Bill Herrick who had a serious fall. We thank the Lord that he is still with us.

Oct. 31- Nov. 02: Administrative work, sermon prep, travel notes. It was also good to see all my children and grandchildren during this time frame.

Nov. 03: Hanover Church to preach.

New Columbia, we appreciated the good attendance and testimonies.

Nov. 04: Administrative work

Nov. 05: I was blessed to shoot a nice 8-point buck.

Nov. 06: Lewisburg Hospital to visit and pray for Rev. Mike Fritz who was having kidney stone surgery. I teased him that he helped me get my buck. I was planning to hunt Wednesday morning but moved it up one day so I could come visit him.

Forest Hill EMC Revival Mtg with Bro. Chester Handfield. He preached a solid message on Holiness. Lev. 11:44 “A door was opened that we can be holy. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have made this possible”.

Nov. 7-8: Traverse City, MI for the Funeral of Mr. Richard Graf, father of Sis. Becky Hunt and Sis. Pam Dorman.  Let’s continue to remember them in our prayers.

Nov. 10: Beavertown, I was privileged to perform the baby dedication of Maravella Nissley who was recently adopted. We appreciate all the family and friends who came to support Roseanna.

We attended the funeral service of Sis. Erma Mowery. She along with husband had served on the mission field for many years. She truly lived a good life for the glory of God!

Nov. 11: Sermon preparation. I will preach three time this week and I am preparing a new message for the Gospel Center.

Nov. 12: Penns Creek, I raked leaves at the Headquarters building.

Nov. 13: Lehighton, Rev. Brian Black preached to 26 of us from Romans 8:2 and reminded us we can be free. “Christ has the power to break the power of sin”.

Nov. 14: It was my wife’s birthday, so we went out to eat for breakfast. Our daughter had us over for a special lunch meal of curry chicken and birthday cake. I then went to visit my mom in the Nursing Home. I finished the day off by visiting and playing games with my Dad and some of our friends. 

Nov. 15: Administrative work and sermon preparation.

Nov. 16: Lebanon, Gospel Center, They fed over 60 people a wonderful hot meal on an exceptionally cold night. I was honored to preach to them. We thank God for this Saturday night ministry. If you’re interested in helping sometime give them a call.

Nov. 17: Blue Knob, I spoke in the morning on “A look from Heaven”. We all need to keep looking at things from Heaven’s Angle.

Nov. 18: Duncannon, World Mission Board meeting. Bro. Paulus just came back from Spain. We appreciate how God opened a new door of ministry through this trip.

Nov. 19: Middleburg, It was nice to visit and talk about God’s work with Rev. Brent Lenhart, Conference President of EMC.

Hanover, I met with the local church board.

Nov. 22-23: Administrative work, travel notes and sermon preparation.

Nov. 24: Blue Knob, we appreciate the congregation and the blessing they have been to missions and our conference down through the years.

Nov. 25-27: Administrative work, I also raked leaves and mowed headquarters building for the last time this year. I went over to sign some diplomas at PVBI. Afterwards, I went up and watched the 7-8 PE class. It was great talking to the young people for about an hour. Then I went back over and played basketball with some college and staff.