Nov. 28-30: Thanksgiving with family and friends. My brother and sister from OH also came in and stayed Fri. & Sat. so I spent extra time with them during this time.

Dec. 2-6: Administrative work, sermon prep, PVBI Christmas Banquet.

Dec. 8: Hanover, I preached and held a pastoral election. Congratulations to

Rev. James Winter who was voted in as the new Pastor.

Dec. 9: Penns Creek, Home Missions Banquet. Thank you to the Fuller Family for the great set up and program.

Dec. 10: Lewisburg, The Knapp’s treated us to a meal and the Charles Dicken “Christmas presentation” at Country Cupboard. Their presence and the presentation where both excellent.

Dec. 11-13: Administrative work, Florida pre-service scheduling, met with a pastor.

Dec. 14: Penn View Businessman’s Banquet and Christmas Concert. Thank you PVBI for another outstanding program.

Dec. 15: Sunbury, my wife and I were invited to see our grandchildren participate in the program. One was Mary, another an Angel and they all did a great job.

Dec. 16: Penns Creek, Strategic Planning Meeting. Special thanks to Mr. Dale Hartle and the sub-committee for your time and impute.

Dec. 17-21: Administrative work, Florida pre-service scheduling, Travel Notes, Article for Web Site and Sermon Prep.

Dec. 22: Rebersburg, Christmas Program. The Craig Bradford family did a wonderful job! They ministered to us through handbells, singing and instrumental music.

Dec. 23: Clearfield, for the funeral of Donald Blowers who was the father of one of our minister’s wives, Sis Anita Morley, who now has lost both of her parents in the past few months.

Dec. 25: Happy Birthday Jesus! “Thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

Dec 26-27: Administrative work and sermon prep.

Dec. 28-29: Delmar, it was a joy to get to know the Rev. Jeb Stigell family better. God is using them at the church. We thank God for their strong desire to see souls saved and established.

Dec. 30-Jan 4: Administrative work for the Florida District Camp, travel notes, sermon and board preparations, extra Bible reading.

Jan. 5: Alexandria, the testimonies where refreshing. We rejoice in the new convert who is coming to all the services. We’re excited about the future of the all-purpose building. Thank you, pastor and people, for a job well done.