A Note from Bro James Plank:
We will miss being together in Dayton this week, but we look forward to three online days of convention that we hope will be a blessing nonetheless.
We are not re-creating Dayton.  That is impossible.  We plan to run the same schedule or similar next year and allow the speakers we had previously chosen to share the message God has given.  However, we do hope to hear from many of our speakers (and others) throughout the three days of our online CyberConvention.  Stay tuned and don’t miss a minute.
In the services/churches you are part of tomorrow, please pray on behalf of this effort.  “We have never done it this way before.”  We need God’s help more than ever.  I am typing this email from The Wesley Center where volunteers continue their setup and preparation for next week.
The schedule will look something like this:
Every session will include both “live” and “archived” content
1:30 PM  Music Around the Piano 
     with Paul Gray and Stephen Cassady 
2:45 PM  Afternoon Service 
     From the Archives with Leonard Sankey
6:00 PM  Evening Service 
     Featuring Allegheny Wesleyan College, God’s Bible School and College
     Challenge by John Manley from Dayton, Ohio
9:00 AM  Morning Session 
     From the Archives with Paul Kaufman
10:15 AM  Revival Rally 
     From the Archives with Rollin Mitchell 
12:00 PM  Prayer Service 
     by James Plank, Rodney Loper and Paul Gray
1:00 PM  Women of Worth 
     Greetings from Lorena Glick
     From the Archives with Esther Dotson
2:00 PM  Next Generation 
     Greetings from Matt Maloyed
     Featuring Penn View Bible Institute
     From the Archives with Steve Stetler
6:00 PM  Evening Service
     Featuring Hobe Sound Bible College and Union Bible College
     Challenge by Noel Scott from Eldorado Springs, Missouri
9:00 AM  Morning Session
     From the Archives with Nathan Purdy
10:15 AM  Holiness Meeting
     From the Archives with B.J. Walker
2:00 PM  Afternoon Session
     From the Archives with Harry Plank
6:00 PM  Evening Service
     Featuring College Mass Choir under direction of Lucas Ryder
     Remembering the life of Ben Colburn by R.B. Kuhn
     Challenge by Chris Cravens from Findlay, Ohio
All of this can be accessed at www.ihconvention.com
Here is what we need from you:
1.  Announce, advertise and spread the word in any services you are involved with Sunday.
2.  Share, repost our social media next week.  Ask family/friends to do the same.  This will help get the word out.
3.  Pray earnestly that the effort and expense of this week will reap eternal dividends.
Thank you so much,
Keep looking up!