March 10-17: Louisiana, I was privileged to hold a revival meeting at an Allegheny Wesleyan Church in Pineville, LA. The pastoral team, Rev. David Kaufman & Rev. Blake Quale’s family along with the church families are doing a tremendous job of working together to see people saved and established.

March 18: Beavertown, I shared a witnessing technique (F.O.R.M.) and 5 ways to make disciples. March is always a special outreach month at the church. We appreciate how the church tries to equip the Christians to do God’s work. We also appreciate all those who make the access to live streaming possible. God is using you in a great way. There were around 1,200 people listening that night.

March 19 – April 23: Administrative work, GMYC & PVBI board meetings. I also was in contact in person or by phone to 120 different licensed ministers and talked to several laymen. I went to Lehighton to meet the McMillian family who were filling in on a Sunday at Lehighton. They are praying for God’s direction for their future. I was also able to finish working on my sermon for Conference.

My cancellations because of the virus included Sunbury 60th Anniversary Service, Chambersburg Revival, Phoenix, AZ local IHC, PVBI Founders Banquet, IHC in Dayton.

PA opened trout season early and surprised everyone. I had only gone once in the last 10 years and had bought a license to go out this year. I found out and went out for two and a half hours in the afternoon and caught 10. Kept 5 and gave them to my father. The next morning, I went out and caught 6. I do not know if I will go out again for trout but it sure was enjoyable. Another outing was to help my son-in law, Daniel, to get three truckloads of wood on my property. Another physical activity for me is mowing and trimming the GMC Headquarters building.

I have been blessed to have attended many of the Drive-in Services at the Beavertown GMC during this time. The singing and preaching have been tremendous. To God be the glory!

Easter Sunday, we attended a special outdoor service at New Columbia. Pastor Bunch from Sunbury preached a powerful message on the resurrection in the morning. The one special song was extra special to us because the trio was made up of Paul Bigger, Jr. and our two sons, Ryan and Chad. In the evening we went to Beavertown for the last night of their Revival meeting and heard Rev. Adam Buckler and the Rev. Jeff Stratton family. God anointed them and made them such a blessing to all of us. Souls have been saved and believers encouraged.

World Mission board meeting (Zoom) & Sermon prep for preaching at Leighton. I mowed and trimmed up the Leighton property and redecorated the inside of the Church. (I am sure some of you would like to see what it looks like!) Of course, I used prepared items. Yet, I did decide where to put them. I preached at Lehighton to 3 people in the morning and two in the evening.

I was blessed by watching and listening to IHC 2020 Cyber Convention. I tried to take in most of it live to take advantage of the spiritual fill-up.

April 24: Pillow Revival by Facebook live, Rev. Rick Maloyed “in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.” A good solid truth for our present circumstances.

April 25: Administrative work, I called all our pastors who are up for elections to work on a process for those elections during this virus time. Sermon prep.

April 26: Lehighton, I preached both times and made one visit to a neighbor who comes to the church. I was able to have prayer for them.

April 27: Penns Creek, GMC Youth Crusaders board meeting. Planning for future events.

April 28-May 2: Administrative work, I contacted our Western District Vice President, Rev. Steve Kearney, to discuss our Western District Conference plans.

I also had conversations with our World Mission director. Signed paperwork for White Haven.

May 4: Penns Creek, a few board members met with PVBI administrators to finalize plans for graduation.

May 5: Administrative work, called each General Board member to ask input about GMYC, etc.