On this day (June 4) in 1935, God’s Missionary Church was founded. Conference pastors and leaders were asked to reflect on the 85th Anniversary.

The passion for God and souls demonstrated by GMC ministers like Rev. George Straub, Rev. Barry Arnold, and others impacted my life and ministry forever. A special thanks to the wonderful GMC laymen who have influenced my children to love God and GMC. ‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever’ (Hebrews 13:8).” —Jacob Martin, Conference President

“I was born God’s Missionary,  I was raised God’s Missionary, and now I am grateful to be a minister in God’s Missionary Church. Our founder, Rev George I. Straub, was my hero.  It was my privilege to work for him and alongside him. I appreciate the stability that God’s Missionary Church has exhibited down through these 85 years. She has had a tremendous influence. May God‘s blessings continue to rest upon her and keep her on the straight and narrow way.” —John Zechman

“When I think of our conference forefathers, I can’t help but remember the impact of two of our founding forefathers on my life. I owe so much to Rev. George Straub and Rev. Truman Wise who took an interest in me as a young man coming into the conference from a different conference. Rev. Wise was my pastor when I was saved and he is the one who got me started speaking in services. Rev. Straub came to me at Conference and camps and asked me if I was ready to go pastor a church. I also owe so much to my spiritual father, Rev. Marlin Crock, who approached me during an altar call and went with me to the altar to pray.” —Darvin Donahey

“For almost my whole life our family has been a part of God’s Missionary Church. What a privilege it has been to know men of God like Truman Wise, George Straub, William Rachau, and others. They have all made valuable impressions on me; treasures which money cannot buy.” —Alan K. Walter

“Born in the fires of revival, God’s Missionary Church has an inspiring history and an even more promising future. Anchored to the truth of God’s Word, may our beloved Zion always contend for the old fashioned holiness message and evangelistic zeal that birthed her in 1935.” —James Plank

“Thank God for the bright light that God’s Missionary Church has been for Jesus Christ these 85 years! I am excited to see how God is going to use this conference in the many years to come to reach a lost world and lead a triumphant church forward in Holiness!” —Aaron Dorman