May 6: Conference phone call meeting with GMYC board. God has gifted us with a great board and good spiritual young men. I sensed God’s wisdom coming through them and leading them for this year’s camp.

Beavertown, GMC, Drive-in-church, Rev. Solomon Shaffer preached a great message about getting along when we disagree (Coronavirus).

May 7-9: Administrative work, sermon prep, I also preached at PVBI It was a planned online chapel service. We also had international students present and some staff. Afterwards, I had a meeting with President Durkee. God has used him in a great way during these difficult times.

May 10: Mother’s Day: My daughter, Erica, had my wife and I at her house to honor her mom with a wonderful meal and be with those adorable twins.

May 11: Camp Hill, Hanover Camp board meeting. We affirmed to have camp meeting and planned to continue improvements on campground.

May 12-14: Mowed and trimmed headquarters building. Drive in Church. Signed H.S. diplomas and other administrative responsibilities.

May 15: Grindstone, PA – I attended the viewing and funeral for Ronald Paul West Sr., father to our Lakeland pastor’s wife, Amy Hoover. They honored Ron through sharing stories and singing special songs.

May 16-20: Administrative work, mowed and trimmed headquarters building.

May 21: PVCA Kindergarten graduation, our granddaughter, Kenzy, was one of the graduates. Our son, Ryan, was the special speaker. Others told me and I agree that he did a great job.

May 22: Penns Creek, General Board Meeting.

May 23 PVBI and High School graduation. Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on a job well done. We also appreciate our faithful and dedicated staff and faculty.

May 25: Memorial Day was special because we had all our children and grandchildren with us. Rhoda’s parents along with our daughter in laws parents also joined in the time of fellowship. The weather and fellowship were outstanding.

May 26-27: Administrative work, Sermon prep., etc. for Western district. Mowed and trimmed headquarters building.

May 28- June 1: Western District Conference. Rev. Greg Hobelman family were our special workers. God anointed both the singing and preaching. Thanks again to Bro. & Sis. Kearney and the Colorado Springs Church for your great hospitality. Bro. Justin Stanton also took me down into Colorado Springs where the protest and riots where taking place. Please keep praying for our county.

June 2-6: Working at our Headquarters building all week along with my wife and others to get it ready for Youth Camp. It became a men’s dorm upstairs and downstairs.

June 8-12: GMYC, A new record was set of 237 campers. There was tremendous preaching by Rev. Chris Cravens and wonderful altar services. We also had a General Board meeting on Wednesday afternoon to move three of our local licensed ministers, Rev. Christian Claycomb, Rev. Jamison Plank and Rev. Terry Yoder, to a Conference License. We appreciate how God has helped them grow into men of God. We are also honored that Rev. Robert Goodrich has joined our conference. Rev. Durkee and I traveled to Salisbury, NC Thursday to be part of the viewing of Rev. Earl Newton. He was a wonderful preacher and man of God. He touched so many lives including mine.

On Friday evening my wife and I attended the beautiful wedding of Caleb and Marie Black. The fathers of the bride and groom are licensed with us and did an outstanding job sharing their hearts about marriage. We pray God’s richest blessing on this couple as they continue to serve God together.

June 13: Sermon and voting preparation for Sunday.

June 14: I preached at the Millmont Church and held pastoral elections. Rev. Michael McMillan was voted in as the next pastor. He has accepted.