Aug. 3: We appreciate the great number that stayed for Penn’s Creek Camp clean up.

Aug. 4-15: Administrative work, sermon prep for Florida District Rally and Conference, helped the Bennett family on their moving day to Milesburg, mowed and trimmed headquarters building, and was also privileged to help my son Ryan with a baptism service in the Susquehanna River.

Aug. 16: Sunbury: It was wonderful to preach to those who were at the baptismal service. God is at work!

Aug. 17-18: PVBI: I shared a devotional with the staff and faculty on the subject “God is enough”! We pray that God will give us a great school year. We also worked down at the headquarters building with Rev. Alan Walter, Rev. Brian Spangler and Rev. Joel Sickler. Bro. Randy Hess also helped on other days. A stain glass window was taken out and our name “God’s Missionary Church” was put in above the entrance door. The GMC Logo was also put in above that area. It looks great!

Aug. 19: Elim Groove Camp Meeting: Rev. Arlan Kratz did a great job preaching on Joseph. Gen. 50:20, “But God.” God makes the difference in every situation.

Aug. 21-22: Greenfield, IN: I went to the drive-in viewing for Rev. Buddy Perry. God used him in a great way down through the years. He led ICHA for 31 years.

Aug. 23: Chambersburg: I was privileged to preach on this Sunday to 62 people. It was graduation day from a Home Mission Church to a Conference statis Church. A good number where taken in as charter members. Praise God!

Aug. 24 – Sept. 7: Florida. I was privileged to speak at our FL District Rally and Conference along with Lakeland, Seffner, Kissimmee and Orlando Churches. We appreciate the good fellowship at each church. God is at work. In Kissimmee, new ones from the communities are coming into the service. Orlando has Spanish ministry contacts that God is using. I also went out to eat with a few different ones including Rev. Maurilio Ambrocio. We went to a Mexican Restaurant. God allowed us to have a good talk with a family at another table.

Sept 8-12: Administrative work, sermon preparation, General Board meeting and attended two different local IHC services. The headquarters building needed mowed and trimmed. I also enjoyed the games and fellowship at PVBI picnic.

Sept 13: Duncannon: God is at work and new ones are coming into the church and making spiritual progress.

Sept. 14-19: I spent some time in the woods getting a tree stand ready with my son-in-law. I counseled a young couple, made preparation for a sermon and my wife and I took two days away. I had an interview with Rev. Adam Buckler as part of his assignment for his schooling. I was chosen to be interviewed because of my position of Chairman of PVBI school board.

Sept. 20: Sunbury: 60th Anniversary service. The vision of the founding lady is still alive. Sis Virginia Hahn believed God wanted to do a work in the city of Sunbury. From an abandoned church building and no people to a strong church and moving to a beautiful, remodeled church building right down the street.

Glenn Iron, Pilgrim Holiness Church for Revival Service with Rev. David Fulton. He preached an encouraging message to close out the meeting.

Sept. 21-22: Administrative work.

Sept. 23-24: Lancaster, Ohio: Funeral service for Rev. David Neville, father of Rev. Randy Neville. Everyone did a great job honoring him.

Sept 25: PVBI Chapel service. Rev. Ron Stevens preached a powerful message to the young people, “All are valuable to God”.

Sept. 26: Sermon Prep.

Sept. 27: Millmont, I was there for the Installation Service for Rev. Michael McMillan. We thank God for how he has led this family to the church.

Sunbury, Rev. Dan Durkee preached a challenging message to not forget God.

Sept. 28: Jackson, I was privileged to see Sis Major and have prayer for her. In the evening I taught a class by Zoom for Mr. Eric Black who is the Personal Evangelism teacher at UBC.

Sept. 30: Home Mission Board meeting & PVBI School Revival.

Oct 1: PVBI School Revival, God used Bro. Cassady and many sought God at an altar of prayer.

Oct. 2-3: Administrative calls and sermon prep.

Oct. 4: Lehighton, I was there for the Installation service for Rev. Todd Carter. The congregation also surprised them with a wonderful Harvest Home.

Oct. 5-9: GMYC Board Meeting, administrative work and sermon prep.

Oct. 10: Chambersburg, I attended the wedding of Curk and Katie Davis, son of Rev. Steve & Cindy Davis. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Oct 12: Birthday party for me (I had turned 57 on Oct. 8).  All our children and grandchildren were here and we had a great evening together.

Oct. 13-15: Met with a pastor in Harrisburg. Sermon prep.

Oct. 16- 26: Bentonville, AR. I preached a revival meeting at the Wesleyan Nazarene Church, pastored by Rev. Melvin Waters and Rev. Ruggy Goodrich. The pastoral team and laymen treated me tremendously in every way. We praise God for all the seekers and finders during this meeting.