Dear Pastors and Church Family,

Fellowship Camp in Hanover, PA, was held from July 25 – July 4.

It was a wonderful campmeeting. In fact many agreed that it was one of the best. Bro. Randy Newville and Bro. Daniel Stetler were the evangelists with Bro. Kenneth Walter preaching the first weekend until Bro. Stetler arrived. Joe and Janelle Carey were the singers. All did a wonderful job. Thank God for wonderful truths preached and excellent singing. Sis. Esther Sweitzer was our children’s worker, and Will Black was our youth leader.

There was an air of excitement as the camp began and that continued all the way through to the end. Someone made the following comment in a thank you letter: “I can tell you there is an exciting ‘air’ about your camp. God’s presence is so very real.” Prasie the Lord! His presence was in the prayer times and in the services.

New people attended as well as many who have attended for many years. Whole families are becoming interested in Fellowship Camp and making this a yearly event, so we have a great mixture of children, youth, adults, families, and older people.

Victories were won around the altar during our regular services as well as during the youth devotional time each evening. The change on the faces of some who gained victory was very evident.

Great meals along with fellowship were enjoyed in the dining hall.

God also helped us reach our budget amount in the last Sunday morning offering. In addition we encouraged giving toward a rather large project. We need to remodel our main restrooms, so we are looking to raise $35,000 for that. During camp we raised around $7000 toward that goal in addition to our operating budget. Thanks be to God. We are trusting God to supply the rest of the money needed.

Fellowship Camp is alive and well, and we look forward to all that God has for us in the future. We hope to see you there next year, July 1-10, 2022.