Thank the Lord for an outstanding Mount of Blessings Camp 2021, considering all of the obstacles presented by the fire set in the tabernacle which, was ruled arson. With heartfelt thanks to several key people and many long days, camp started on time and in good order! Bro. Jeff Yount and crew, from the Mifflinburg Decorating Center, were such a huge blessing! (As well as the salvage/cleaning crew who wish to remain anonymous.)   Thanks again! Through their efforts the tabernacle was bright, crisp, clean and ready! 

Our scheduled workers did a fantastic job! The preaching by Rev. Rick Maloyed and Rev. Andrew Stroud was wonderful! Our song evangelists, Rev. and Mrs. Dan Durkee, were outstanding! Sis. Rachel Clough, did a fantastic job with our children’s services! Our cooks, Michelle, Carrie and Anna all worked hard to provide great meals for everyone.  We were also blessed to have the Lebanon Valley Gospel Band.  They did a great job lifting up Jesus with their music.  

Fireworks, fellowship, hog roast, “strings around the fire” and most importantly, God’s presence, makes Mount of Blessings a wonderful place to bring our families.

There were many victories won around the altar which is always the most important aspect of camp meeting! Our hearts were blessed to see both young and old settling issues before the Lord, and we were reminded… at any cost, camp meeting is worth it!

Without any pull, the offerings flowed in and overflowed, to God be all the glory! There are many property upgrades that have taken place already with many more in the planning. Generous giving by the Mount of Blessings crowd has been simply amazing! Thanks MOBC family!

A beautiful playground was provided for through the giving and labors of the Randy Hess family. Thanks Karen and Rhonda, it was your vision that made it all possible!

This year many new RV hook ups were added with more planned for next year. Be sure to reserve your spot! 

Contrary to some on the sidelines, the days of camp meeting are not at all over.  MOBC plans to continue doing and being what she’s always been – a family oriented camp where God can freely come and needs are abundantly supplied!

Mount of Blessing Camp always starts the last Friday of June and most often goes over the 4th of July. 

Next year’s camp dates:  June 24 – July 3, 2022.

Rev. Mark Hunter & Rev. Rodney Loper

Singers: Rev. Michael Mason family.

Children’s Worker: Sis. Rachel Clough