God’s presence was special from the start of camp to the end.

Rev. Harry Plank was at his best with his humor and wit.
Rev. Joe Smith preached some very practical truths that helped many of God’s people.
Rev. Darrell Stetler, along with the others, preached excellent messages to help us live a holy life.

Repeatedly, God’s presence came when the Andrew Stroud family sang.Sis. Rachel Clough did a great job teaching our children.

We had a youth choir sing in the Friday evening service. This was a first for our camp. Our youth evangelist, Andrew Durst, led the young people, and God used them to minister to us all. In the youth services young people were saved, sanctified, and called into ministry. Glory to God!

All through camp people sought God when the altars were open and victories where won.

God again supplied the financial needs for Penns Creek Camp.  $45,000.00 was needed and around $50,000.00 came in during camp.

Thank you for caring and giving to Penns Creek Camp!