The 2021 God’s Missionary Kids Camp was simply the best yet! Yes, we were thrilled to welcome a record-breaking 114 campers, but it was so much more than that. Children’s Evangelist Ryan Martin did a tremendous job of  presenting the Gospel on a level where kids are actually living. It was impactful to see him stand on the platform in the exact spot where God called him to preach and tell the kids that God had a plan for their life as well. 

Seeing and hearing the kids response to the gospel makes every ounce of effort worth it! There’s no question that we want kids camp to be a fun and exciting place! However, all of the fun, the excitement, the games, the rides, and activities are secondary to the real mission: Helping Kids Discover God. We want them to find Jesus at a young age. I recently read that less than 10% of America’s children are in church on Sundays. That means that 90% of them are effectively unreached, a true mission field. Kids ministry matters! Each of the 114 campers at this year’s camp heard the gospel and the holiness message clearly presented on their level. 

Thank God!

From the beginning, Kids Camp has had a secondary mission: To Mobilize and Equip the Church of Tomorrow Today.” The 39 Junior Staffers who helped make camp possible are one of the most important reasons that Kids Camp exists! It is our goal that they catch a vision for God’s Work and go back to their churches, inspired and equipped to be involved in ministry right now. From the good reports we are hearing, the 2021 Camp experience was impactful in the lives of the Junior Staffers.

I’m thankful that all of the bills for the 2021 camp are paid! Our low registration fees do not even begin to pay all of the bills, but God’s people have given and the need is met. For that we are grateful!

The work has already begun for the 2022 Kids Camp. Because of the rapid growth we’ve experienced, getting ready for next year is going to take more work than ever before. With campers, Junior Staff, Senior Staff, and pre-campers, we were hosting just over 200 people on the grounds of Fellowship Camp! We have absolutely maxed-out the facility and are seriously working on plans to expand capacities. 

Before next year, we will need to secure several bunk-house trailers, or build several cabin/shed structures for bunk houses. Quotes are being secured for the trailers and estimates are being secured for sheds/bunk-houses. If we decided to build bunk-houses, it is looking like each shed/bunkhouse will cost between $8,000 and $10,000 for materials, and work-teams will be needed for construction. 

We invite you to help us pray about this need.  If God would lead you to give, or to help out with the construction, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’d love to talk with you! (Please call or text 570.541.9538.)

The future is bright for God’s Missionary Kids Camp! We aim to have a small part in helping our local churches reach the 90% of kids who do not attend church and are not hearing the gospel. Helping Kids Discover God is our mission, and by God’s grace and provision, we intend to work until Jesus comes!