June 28-July 1: Rhoda and I took a few vacation days in the Amish country of Ohio with her sister, Carm and husband, Doug. We celebrated our 35th anniversary while they celebrated their 40th anniversary.

July 2: Hanover Camp – you sensed that God had been helping when you stepped on the grounds. God’s people enjoyed camp. Rev. Randy Neville preached a good practical message.

July 3-4: Sermon Prep and I also preached Sunday afternoon at Mt. of Blessing Camp meeting. I also stayed for the closing service of camp. To God be the glory for another great camp.

July 5: Penn View Bible Institute – I met with President Durkee. I appreciate the great job he is doing at the school.

July 6: I spent most of the day with Rev. Chad Clark from ICHA. It was great to get to know him better.

July 7: Beulah Camp – We sure missed Ernie Gessner who passed away in a trucking accident. He would have been pleased that the work goes on and God supplied the needs of the camp.

July 8: Zoom meeting with Rev. Sidney Grant, Rev. Rex McDowell Jr., Rev. Jeremy Fuller, and me to discuss our partnerships with HIM Spanish ministries. We appreciate the excellent meeting we had together.

July 9-10: I needed a couple days to catch up trimming and mowing grass at the headquarters building and my property. 

July 11: We went to Beulah camp in the morning. Rhoda and I then went to Ono camp in the evening. Rev. John Zechman preached a good message. There were some who sought God at the altar.

July 12: God’s Missionary Youth Camp recap meeting. We appreciate Rev. Matt Maloyed, our Youth Camp President, and the Board. They continue to look for ways to make the camp better. 

July 13: Oakland Mills Camp. Rev. Andrew Thomas preached a challenging message. I also enjoyed the singing of Ben and Jaylena McDowell.

July 14: Hanover Kids Camp – a record-breaking number of 114. The junior staff and older staff do a wonderful job of making this an exciting camp for kids. I was amazed at how the children’s evangelist, Ryan Martin, has developed his talents and skills for God. “Well done, Ryan”, from Dad!  

July 15-16: Sermon and camp meeting preparations. We also had our Penns Creek Camp workday. We appreciate each one who came to work.

July 17: We went to two of our friends’ funerals today. The first was Bro. Raymond Spade who attended our Newport Church. He was a faithful Christian who inspired all of us to give to God’s work. The second funeral was Sister Carol Burkey. One of her daughter’s is Christa Dicken, the pastor’s wife from our Mt. Road, GMC. Sis Carol left a beautiful testimony of salvation and letting her smile be used for God.

July 18: Alexandria, PA – we were privileged to preach and then to share a great meal with 4 of the church people and David and Francis Fuller. Rhoda and I then went to Oakland Mills for their final night of camp. The full tabernacle was a great sight. 

July 19: General Board Meeting. Today we met with the world Mission Board to elect a World Mission Director. Rev. Cancio was given a two-year term. We appreciate his love for souls and GMC.

July 20: PVBI board meeting. We appreciate each board member and their commitment to our school.

July 21: Two interns from Beavertown church, Ephraim Maurival and Joshua Stamper and I spent time together sharing about the Sunbury Church and GMC. We also talked about how God called them into the ministry.

July 22: 86th Conference of GMC. We are so blessed to have such good unity among our preachers and delegates. 

July 23-August 1: Penns Creek Camp – God moved upon us in a special way. Young people and older ones were saved and sanctified in the services. A more complete report can be found at godsmissionarychurch.org under “articles”.

August 2-6: Penns Creek Camp Clean-up. Thanks for the help. Administrative work, sermon preparation. It was an honor to attend Barry and Gertie Masons 50th Anniversary celebration.

August 7-10: Mt. Pleasant, Iowa – I was privileged to preach at the Pilgrim Nazarene Church. It was great to be with their pastor, Jamison Plank and his wife, Sarah.  

August 11-17: Administrative work and sermon prep. I preached and participated in Danville’s Graduation Day. From not having a church to a Home Mission Church, to Conference status. A special thanks goes to the pastoral team. The Nathan Yohe and Robert Goodrich families have done a great job. I preached at Sunbury in the evening. It was my first time to preach in their beautiful new sanctuary. I also shared a devotional at Penn View, “Going with God’s Guidance.” We thank God for all the wonderful staff and faculty that He has sent Penn View.

August 18: Elim Grove Camp – Rev. Greg Thacker preached a good message on Holiness. 

August 20: PVBI Back-to-School Rally, the concert on the lawn and fireworks made for a wonderful evening.

August 21-26: Administrative work, scheduling services, prep for FL Rally and Conference. 

August 27-28: Florida – for the viewing and funeral of Rev. Michael Jay Smalley, Sr. Rev. Harry Plank and I counted it an honor to have part in the service. Bro. Smalley taught us to use our talents and gifts for God. He used his saw, snack shop, speaking and singing with his guitar to be a blessing to God’s people. Let us continue to pray for Sis Smalley.

August 29: Bloserville, PA – we appreciate the Fisher family and how God is using them to see the work go forward.

August 30-31: General Board meeting and follow up calls. We appreciate their wisdom and unity.