Late summer time is always an eventful time for God’s Missionary Youth Crusaders. It seems like summertime as a whole is always one of the busiest times of the year for life in general. This summer was no exception. From Penns Creek Camp Meeting straight into the Youth Crusaders’ sponsored VBS in Lancaster, and just a couple weeks later our fall rally, we have had a lot going on.

Thank the Lord for what he has accomplished through Youth Crusaders and our late summer activities. I feel like each one of these events have served an important purpose in connecting, challenging, and leading the young people of our conference.

Bro. Andrew Durst was our youth evangelist this year for Penns Creek Camp Meeting. God has gifted Bro. Durst in a special way to connect with young people and he was used in a powerful way this year in sharing the Word in a special way. Young people testified to answering God’s call during prayer time at the altar and at the conclusion of the last service every young person stepped forward when Bro. Durst invited all to the altar area who were willing to answer God when He called them. The youth attendance this year at Penns Creek Camp was excellent with a service high of 100 people, which was mostly young people. Bro. Durst commented on the quality of young people at our camp, and we believe God is at work in a special way in many young lives. Thank God!

This year Youth Crusaders sponsored a VBS in Lancaster with the Hartman’s. Sis. Michelle Myers led the VBS with help from many others. Deanna Fisher, Emmaus Roberts, Ryan Dissinger, and Allison Myers all helped extensively throughout and Brena Fuller and Erin Fuller contributed as well. There were 60 different children that took part and 104 total people that attended the VBS. A Vacation Bible school is not always an event in which many pray at an altar, but it is a very important part of outreach and encouragement for a local church. Contacts are made that have great impacts through many V.B.S’s and I am sure with this many different children and young people attending that this one way no different! The Lord uses Sis. Michelle and her ministry to children and we thank the Lord for the opportunity to be a part of this endeavor to help our local Home Missions Churches.

Our fall rally was a great success! Bro. Paul Stetler came to minister through preaching and God used him in a powerful way. Bro. Paul spoke about having not only clean hands but a pure heart and at the conclusion of the sermon many young people came forward shortly after the invitation was given. Many testified to being sanctified and we give God the praise for how the service was a blessing and life changing event for many! There were around 240 people who attended the fall rally, which was up substantially from the previous year. Following the service we had a time of fellowship and activities in the M&M building. Bro. Paul also commented about the quality of young people in our conference. Again, thank God for what He is doing through the families of God’s Missionary Church! His truth is marching on!