Jan. 1-2: Rome, NY God gave us a wonderful service and I enjoyed a meal with Rev. Matt Kilgore family. We thank God that each time we visit there are new ones and some that have been there since the founding of the church. 

Jan. 3-6: General Board meeting, Florida prep, and I finished the book of the Life of (an amazing man) Rev. Jacob Miller. He has always been a hero to me. The World Mission work that he and others were involved in were pioneer works. The airplane stories he told me about in those early mission days where incredible. God preserved their lives on more than one occasion. The kingdom of God expanded and is still going forward in many parts of the world. Praise be to God! 

Jan. 7: West Virginia Funeral for Rev. Harold Will. The music and words of many told of his godly life. Sis Rachel Plank’s dad loved to fish and to fish for men. 

Jan. 8-9: Salamanca, New York It was a privilege to preach at our Salamanca Church and then eat a great meal with Bro. and Sis. Crouse. Pray with us that God will supply a pastor for them.

Jan. 10: Penns Creek, Pension board meeting. Thank you, brethren, for your leadership in these financial areas.

Jan. 12 – Feb. 2: Florida trip. The twists and turns to bring us to our camp workers were many. All had to cancel due to physical needs. Sis. Arlene Booth ministered effectively with our children. The Greg Hobelman family were a great blessing in and out of church. God used Rev. Harry Plank to fill out the team. God used his wit and humor to make camp exciting. What we have all learned is God still works in the twists and reverses of life. God still gave us good camp. Another special part of this year’s camp was our prayer meetings around the campfire before camp started – led by Bro. Wilmer Paulus. The focus was to pray for our camp, community, and country. God answered several prayers. Praise His name!

Feb. 5-11: Administrative work, preparations for ministerial, I also took Rev. Darren Fisher who is doing a Ministerial internship at Beavertown out to eat and talk to him about God’s work. God’s call, to help revitalize Churches is leading him to be an Assistant Pastor at our Lancaster, GMC

Feb. 12: Penn’s Creek, Sis Pennebaker’s viewing. She finished well and is in her new Home. 

Feb. 14-16: GMC Ministerial. We thank God for this special time of renewal and refreshing in the wintertime. God used Rev. Marc Dodrill as he shared his heart and stories. Sis Nicole Cassady did a wonderful job ministering in the ladies’ sessions. The session on pastoral teams seemed to be greatly used of God. Congratulations to Rev. Andy Cooley who was voted in as “Minister of the Year”. The Banquet always helps to finish the Ministerial off the best.

Feb. 17: Preparation for a Session at Outreach and Bus Convention.

Feb. 20: Forest Hill, E.M.C.  Rev. Brent Lenhart preached a real good on Rev.17. Richfield, E.M.C.  Rev. Troy Shaffer preached a real encouraging message on Hebrews 11:27 “Seeing him who is invisible”.

We appreciate these Pastors and their churches. We thank them for coming to our camps and school events. 

Feb. 21: Penns Creek, General board meeting. We appreciate the wisdom and help of our board members to see G.M.C. go forward. 

Feb. 22-25: World Mission Zoom meeting and two nights at Penn View Revival meeting. God used Bro. Marc Sankey in a powerful way once again as he shared his (miracle) life story. Altars were lined and young people sought God’s will for their lives. 

Feb. 28: Sermon preparation for speaking at Penn View

March 1: At Penn View to speak and recruit preachers for GMC Thank you to all the students and staff for your kind words. It is always an honor to speak to you. 

March 2-3: Lebanon, Outreach and Bus Convention. I was privileged to speak one session. I was greatly challenged by Bro. Daron Fourman’s Wednesday night message. God is the God of the present. 

March 4-8: Administrative work. Penn View board meeting then a preachers and staff basketball game against the high school boys. I just watched and enjoyed this year. I also talked to some preacher friends; Rev. Bill Swope and Rev. Russ Witmer. I met with a young couple, Shawn and Lily, who have been such a blessing at our Shamokin Church. They are two Penn View students that are to be married in May.