The twists and turns to bring us to our Camp workers were many. Our complete team couldn’t come to camp. Penny Ford & Mary Braun couldn’t come to camp because of Sister Mary’s physical needs. We appreciate Sis. Arlene Booth coming and filling that role. You could tell she took her role seriously and did a great job. Our evangelist and singers, the Stephen Cassady family had to cancel due to his cancer treatments. The Greg Hobelman family accepted the call and all of them were a great blessing to our camp. Rhoda and I were about two hours from camp when I received the call that our other evangelist, Rev. David Fulton, had just tested positive to covid and couldn’t come. Rev. Harry Plank was already going to be at camp and agreed to be our other evangelist. God used his wit and humor to make camp exciting. What we all have learned is God is always working in the twists and reverses of life. God still gave a good camp. God’s Spirit came and many testified in services of His help. Another special part of this year’s camp was our prayer meetings around the campfire in the evenings before camp started – led by Bro. Wilmer Paulus. The focus was to pray for our camp, community, and country. God answered several prayers. Praise His name!